To purchase any item please see our Shopping Cart page which allows you to check out quickly via Paypal.   If you do not have a PayPal account or need to ask a question first you can reach us via email of simsamurai@gmail.com    

Invoice Requests

If you do not wish to use our shopping cart and would rather that we send you a PayPal invoice directly we can easily do this but you must already have a PayPal account and must email us with the list of items you wish to purchase! We will email you back with a final total to approve and then we will send the PayPal payment invoice.

Send purchase / invoice requests to: simsamurai@gmail.com

Other Payment Methods

If you do not have a PayPal account you can also send us a payment via Check, Cashier Check, Bank Certified Check, or Money Order.  Please see the rest of this page for more details.

Don’t Screw This Up!

Quickly read through steps #1 – # 6 below.  

Please review the payment steps below so that we know exactly where to email any digital items or physical mailed items as people often forget to keep their home address and or email data current in their / your PayPal account. 

If you do not have a PayPal account please read Step #4 below for other payment options such as BidPay, Personal Check, Bank Certified Check, etc.

Secondly, please see the SPECIALS page as you may be entitled to a cost reduction or discount based on multiple item purchases.

Once again, there are several options and various steps for payment all of which exist to help you save money on a bundled order with multiple purchased items.  Please follow the 6 steps below to ensure a smooth transaction.  We thank you in advance for your business!

#1 - If you already have a PayPal account and are sure of what your total will be (after careful review of the Purchase Legend on the right side of this page and the SPECIALS page) you can then move to our Shopping Cart page, click on the items you wish to purchase and checkout via PayPal… It’s that simple.

On the checkout page of the Shopping Cart you can also leave any pertinent instructions or details.  This could be the email address of where to send email items and or your physical mailing address if you do not remember if the one listed in PayPal is current or accurate.  Sometimes people with new or old accounts forget to update this information and then we get to hassle you about it and guess what…we hate to hassle you!  Lastly, Please, Please, Please see step #6 too!

#2 - If for whatever reason you are unsure of your final total and would like a confirmation of the total before making payment and or if you have additional questions or would instead prefer that we send you a PayPal payment invoice you can send your purchase inquiry to simsamurai@gmail.com 

Again, as we said before, Please see #6 too!

#3 - If you want to pay by credit card we only accept credit cards through PayPal at this time. This means you must first have a PayPal account and your credit card must already be on file and or linked to your regular PayPal account in PayPal. (which it may already be).  Unfortunately we do not do enough business each month to warrant having any other dedicated merchant credit service. So, yes, we do accept credit card payments but this is only via your PayPal payment with a linked credit card.  Oh, and…Please see #6 too!

#4 - If you want to pay by Personal Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Western Union, Money Gram, Bid Pay, Gift Cards, or other forms of non e-commerce please send your purchase order request to info@simsamurai.com  and we will provide you with our mailing address and details on how to pay. Oh yeah, …Please see #6 too!

#5 - FOREIGN BUYERS : If you are a foreign buyer outside of the United States please make sure include the appropriate shipping charges in your payment when checking out as it does cost a little more to ship outside the USA. For more details on foreign buyer purchases please see the column on the right side of this page for additional details.

#6 - Whether you pay by PayPal or any other method such as by check / cashier check please make sure that you include your FULL NAME (first and last) and current shipping address, and current “shipping” email address.  If using PayPal you can do this in the Details / Notes section when making a PayPal payment. Otherwise, please include this information in an email. Make sure your data in PayPal is current.  This includes your current mailing address!

We specifically need this information because we have found that people sometimes move and will forget to update their PayPal information. This has caused to send items to the wrong physical address or even the wrong email address too!  You can easily avoid this issue by making sure that your personal data in PayPal is current!  If it is, you can even put in the payment notes a simple statement of “MY PAYPAL DATA IS CURRENT” just so we know.  (along with what items you are ordering)

It’s really just that easy if you know how to read and follow directions.  If you are one of those people…THANK YOU!

Order Processing Details and Timeline!

Typically we process all orders within 24 to 48 hours and ship blueprint sets within 5 days but due to customs offices in countries outside the USA all foreign orders can sometimes take up to 10 or even 20 days to receive.  Please know that we always send out orders within a week of order receipt but we cannot control delays caused by customs offices outside the USA.

Spam Filter Awareness – You Should Trust Us!

Lastly, If you have never corresponded with SimSamurai then please add orders@simsamurai.com  and simsamurai@gmail.com to the address book of the email address you are specifically giving us to receive any emailed items, otherwise some items that we email can  get lost in your spam email in box.  We hate that! What’s worse than sending an item twice? Yup…three times. Sometimes people email us complaining that they have not receive an item when it was sitting in their spam box the whole time.  This is why we exclusively use Gmail for our email service.  If you don’t…you should!  Please allow 72 hours to pass from your time of payment before sending any inquiry and always make sure to check your spam inbox during the week after you have made payment. 

FINAL TIPS - If you choose to make payment immediately via our Shopping Cart feature without sending a purchase email inquiry first this is perfectly ok and highly recommended as long as the total is correct!  Please consult the Purchase Legend carefully. USA and Foreign shipment costs are slightly different so make sure to check / select which is best for you while on the chcckout cart!  Otherwise, if the total is not accurate we will likely send you a follow-up email or a PayPal invoice for any small balance due. You must then pay that final balance before your items will be mailed out or emailed.  We do our best to avoid that by giving you these instructions.

Once again, If you are going to pay directly without any previous email inquiry please make sure to include a short note in the Payment Details / Note section of PayPal or in an email to let us know what you are purchasing as well if your shipping  / email data is correct and current.  

GIFTING - If you are wanting to send any item as a gift and you specifically want your items sent out to a different name, email,  or other mailing address…include this info with your payment!



General Payment and Shipping Information

If you do not have a PayPal account or need added help with purchasing you can continue reading all of the other details in the column below.  To learn more about our shipping polices and delivery timelines for both USA and Foreign buyers please see the column on the right side of this page below the Purchase Legend chart.

All of our products are mailed out from San Diego California 92111 USA, home of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet.  Our home airport is KMYF Montgomery Field.  We are UTC / GMT -8. This means if it is 6PM in London England, it’s only 10am in San Diego. 

If you take off from runway 28R, turn to heading 270 and fly at 100 knots for 2 minutes you will be directly over the SimSamurai World Headquarters!

Now that you know where we live … please order something lol!

Privacy & Protection Disclaimer

With your purchase you are becoming a valuable new member of the illustrious and elite “Sim Samurai Flight Club”  whose members know no bounds for feats of fun and glory!  Your membership is free each year and only requires the purchase of one or more items.  

SimSamurai may send out a semi-annual club briefing which will include any new product updates, interesting news in the world of flight simulation, and a scheduled “fly in” invitation for all Club Samurai pilots. This will typically entail a meet and greet session for a pre-planned flight from the GlobeTrekker GT-1000.  So stay sharp pilots …your skills will be tested! 

Lastly, any personal information given by you, the customer and club pilot, will never be given, sold, bought, processed, or distributed in any way to any entity or business outside of this organization. SimSamurai will always treat its customers and club members with great care and respect. 

It is the Samurai way!

Payment Option Details  # 1 – Paying with PayPal

(read this if you are unfamiliar with PayPal or need to sign up)


PayPal ( www.paypal.com ) is the easiest way to make a secure online transaction. If you have ever bought anything off of Ebay chances are you already have a PayPal account.  If you do not have a PayPal account please see the Payment Options Details #2 section below or simply go to PayPal to sign up for an account. 

Getting a new PayPal account is fast, easy to do, and is totally secure. It was created by Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, so when you use PayPal, think of it as funding the future of man in space.  When we get to eat all their high fees, that’s how we try and stomach it. ;)

SimSamurai has used PayPal for over 10 years and most people you know probably have too.  During registration you will have to link PayPal to your actual bank account and or a credit card (or you can do both).  PayPal does not charge you any fee to register nor charges any cost to make an online purchase. It only charges the Seller (that’s us).  If you link your PayPal account to a credit card PayPal charges the 3% credit card transaction fees to the seller (yes, us) and not you.  Once your PayPal registration is complete you can immediately send money to any people (who also accept PayPal) and can then likewise invoice any other people who use PayPal too.

Credit Card Payments Through PayPal

If you want to pay by credit card then your PayPal account must be set up by having your credit card linked to your PayPal account in addition to linking PayPal with your regular bank account.  Currently we only accept credit card payments through PayPal and not any other credit merchant service simply because we are not a high volume business which requires a need for a lot of daily credit card transactions.  SimSamurai is a very small niche market flight simulator business.

So again, we do accept “credit style payments” but only when your credit card has been linked through your PayPal account.  So,..if you want to pay by credit card please make sure your card has been properly linked to your own private PayPal account.   Once complete you can pay us immediately by using our Shopping Cart feature found on another page or you can also pay via Paypal’s “Send Money” link and posting funds to the email address of: orders@simsamurai.com

Receiving a PayPal Invoice

Don’t forget that if you have a PayPal account we can also send you an invoice via PayPal upon request if for any reason you do not want to use our PayPal Shopping Cart checkout feature.  To do this we specifically need the email address which you have linked to your PayPal account as well the list of items you wish to purchase.. Some people prefer this over any type of checkout features as it saves you the trouble of “click this, check that” or having to go to PayPal to make the payment yourself. If this is what you want to do please just ask for us to invoice you in your purchase order email which must be sent to orders@simsamurai.com

Again, as was detailed in Payment Option #1, If you just wish to go ahead and pay via PayPal without us communicating first (thus using our Shopping Cart feature or PayPal’s  “Send Money” option) please make sure you know your final checkout total (items and shipping) before using the “Send Money” option. Lastly please make sure to go back and read item #6 towards the top of this page.  It is very important that you include your current email, your current address, and a list of the items you are purchasing! Again..Please see #6 towards the top of this page.

Payment Option Details # 2 — ( paying with Personal Check or Certified Money Order via “Wire” or Postal Mail)


If you live on the moon or a deserted island with an airstrip that provides mail service then you can send us a check or bank certified money order, or even a Cash Gift Card instead of using the e-commerce routes with those wild and crazy “enter-nets”.  We also accept Western Union or Money Gram payments. We do understand that world wild web service is often dodgy or non-existent on the moon or remote islands around the world and that people in such far out places need flight simulators just as bad as the rest of us do so these other payment forms, while not very common, are still valid and totally acceptable for us!  While these payment methods are also a little slower, they still work and are always acceptable here at SimSamurai.  Just know that all paper checks or paper money orders will be verified for legal authenticity and they must be cleared into our bank before any product will be mailed out. (email or otherwise)


If you already know the items that you want to purchase simply view the PURCHASE LEGEND at the top right of this page.  Calculate the total costs based on the schedule and then using the General Purchasing Guidelines at the top left of this page send an email to orders@simsamurai.com to confirm the cost of your order.  We will verify your order total and tell you that you are clear to send payment.

A Check / Money Order purchase email example to Sim Samurai would be as follows;

” Hi Sim, I would like to become a member of the Sim Samurai flight club by purchasing the following items ;”….Then simply follow along with the original instructions under the General Purchasing Guideline and list EACH item on its own separate line.

Once your original purchase email is received we will send you a confirmation email with the total invoice for the items for you to include on the check or bank certified money order.  Lastly, we will provide you with our official business mailing address here in San Diego California USA.

Once the check or money order payment is received we will send you an email to confirm that payment was received and deposited in our bank.  Once the payment has cleared (expect 5-7 business days from receipt if a personal check) we will then send you the item(s) once the funds have cleared.  Again, we assume this is fair, reasonable, and honest for both parties.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all the fine print, we know it was a lot! ;)


All emailed items such as the UGTAFS, the In-Flight Bible, Maxscreen Panels, and the GT-1000 are typically sent out twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. This is because it is much easier for us to send out items in groups.

The GlobeTrekker GT-1000′s are always emailed in bulk on Mondays.

Physical items such as the DIY Blueprint packs or printed UGTAFS will be mailed Mondays and Fridays. It may take up to 7 days to process an order. After this please expect an additional 3-7 day delivery time if you live within the USA or expect an additional 7-14 days if you live in Europe or up to 30 days if you live on the moon or a deserted island. 

Customs offices in foreign countries always holds up orders by a few days or even an extra week.  If you live in the U.K. or Europe, or Australia please understand that it may take a full two weeks (or even three) to get your mailed items once we send them out. If you want expedited or overnight shipping then please include this in your payment notes and send us an additional $30.  In short..impatience costs more money.

We typically mail out all weekly sales items on the following Monday after the previous weeks total invoices are in.  This is because less trips to the post office means less air pollution and we simply cannot go to the post office every single day! Thus if you purchase a set of blueprints on a Monday or Wednesday they might not be mailed until the following Monday.  HOWEVER we sometimes do get things mailed out on the Friday of the same week of your order. 

Once an e-commerce payment is verified, PayPal always sends us a completed payment notice. From that point we will process your order.  If you have paid by check or other non electronic commerce methods we will process the order after the check or money order has cleared into our account.

For kit cockpit purchases please see the applicable sections below.


For mailed items such as the DIY cockpit blueprint packs we typically use the United States Postal Service (USPS.com) for all USA orders and use USPS Postal Air Mail (USPS) for foreign buyers. While vendors such as UPS (United Parcel Service) provide a tracking number USPS only provides a receipt. (and customs receipt for foreign orders) 

If you are in a foreign country (non USA) then please know that you may have to call your customs office to pick up items that have been shipped from the USA and or you may have to pay a small fee to your customs office to receive the item.  While this is not typical..it may be necessary and we are not (nor should be) responsible to supply you with information on how customs works in your own country! While we do list all of our mailed products as “documents” on custom forms, various countries may still require your signature for delivery or pick-up.  Again, please do not ask us how customs works in your own country. We do not know. 

Please review the Product Shipment Details section above this section for details on a delivery timeline for all orders foreign and domestic. If you live outside the USA you are “foreign” to us.


Please see the Purchase Legend above. SimSamurai will always combine shipping costs on multiple items if possible to save you money! Typical flat rate shipping fees are $5 for UGTAFS (printed / via media mail), $10 for blueprints, or $15 for both a printed UGATFS and blueprints within USA. Shipping blueprint packs outside the USA is $12 and shipping a printed UGTAFS outside the USA is $20.

We will choose the fee that is most appropriate to your order and your location in the world! The further away you are from San Diego California…the more shipping costs are. If you live in the USA and order both the printed UGTAFS Manual and a DIY Cockpit Blueprints set the shipping fee will be $15.00 as they are each mailed separately.

If you live outside the USA‘s lower contiguous 48 states such as in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Europe, or anywhere else in the world, a DIY cockpit blueprint set ship cost will be a flat rate of $12.00. The printed blueprints sets will always cost $12 for all of Europe and Australia. The shipping tube is 20″ tall and weighs around 10oz.

The 280 page UGTAFS is now offered as a PDF file in order to help foreign customers save on shipping costs! Thus all email items are shipped free. (such as the UGTAFS pdf or In-Flight Bibles)

The combined shipping costs for the UGTAFS (if printed) and a DIY Cockpit Blueprints set is set at $32.00 for foreign customers.

The printed UGTAFS weighs almost 3lbs which is why the printed version costs so much to ship to Europe or any other foreign location outside the USA! Aviation fuel costs alot. Weight = fuel, Time = fuel.


For all Bare Bones kits or Completed RTA Sim Cockpits we require a signed sales contract and a fully refundable down payment of 50% of the total contracted amount due (Item + shipping). Because all kit cockpits are cut on demand the 50% deposit helps serve as an earnest contract between us the seller and you the buyer.   We will email you a contract to print off sign, and then fax in to us.  This formality is necessary because the kit cockpits are expensive items and we feel it is best to have a formal sales contract between us which protects you the end consumer as well as us the manufacturer.

We will send you the formal sales contract to sign and return and after this is completed it is then considered a legal contract.  We will then fabricate and prepare the cockpit for shipping but will not ship the item until the remaining 50% payment has been made. The balance is due once the cockpit is within a week of being ready for shipment. Proof that the item is ready to be shipped can be provided to you via a picture slideshow and or a 2 minute demo video.  

All kit deposit payments are first held in escrow for 5 days. If you decide you do not want the RTA kit within the 5 days (120 hours from actual payment) we will refund 100% of your entire %50 deposit. Up to 30 days from the posting date of deposit (via PayPal or otherwise) we will refund your deposit (less a 50% restock fee out of the 50% deposit.. thus 1/2 the initial deposit if you decide to cancel the purchase after 5 days but within 30 days.)

Any contract cancellation after 31 days from the contract signature by the purchaser will forfeit the entire 50% deposit due to the fact that the kit construction would have already been underway.  However, we do reserve the right to additionally refund deposits past this date as we deem necessary or warranted.  For example; This could be a case of an unexpected delay in fabrication or delivery on our behalf or if the customer proves that their cancellation was warranted due to a reasonable and honest financial emergency or major health crisis.  

Regardless, if a kit cockpit sale is cancelled by the buyer we will most likely finish the RTA kit at some point so as to sell to another customer in the future.  However, once the kit is completed, the original buyer will still be given the very first opportunity to re-purchase the kit for a period of 10 days from the date of kit completion. This “notice to redeem” time period will be emailed to the original purchaser and the 10 days time period will begin at 6:00 PM Pacific Time on the day of the email being sent.


If you are interested in a Bare Bones or Completed RTA kit but would rather purchase one fully outright (100% payment) once one is available please send us an email to discuss your serious purchase inquiry.  Because we typically try and make a few of these at a time even when a customer just orders one, we may currently have some in house stock available. Depending on which model you wish to purchase we may have 1 or 2 pre-built kits available. Therefore, depending on any current “in stock” items you may actually be able receive the cockpit sooner than the typical 30 – 60 day timeline.

If you are serious about purchasing a cockpit shell kit please send email inquiry to simsamurai@gmail.com  to see what is currently available.  

We certainly want to sell our products so we will always be flexible towards individual customer needs and desires. We are often willing to negotiate some costs for the add-ons available for the large cockpits and or for multiple unit purchases of two or more cockpits.


Buyers must agree to pay all shipping costs in addition to the final kit price.

All shipping costs listed on the Product Chart for cockpit kits (Bare Bones or Complete RTA) are general estimates only.  

All shipping costs will vary by location. The shipping costs shown in the product pricing legend are an average cost for shipping within the USA from the West Coast to East Coast. If you live in the mid-west or are closer to San Diego then shipping may be 10-15% less than shown on the Product Chart at the top of this page. If you live on the upper East Coast the shipping could possibly be up to 15% higher.  Regardless, we only charge actual shipping costs.

The larger kits such as the HX-1, CS-1, XS-1, AX-1, and LX-1 are all heavy items made of solid wood lumber, plywood, plastic, aluminum, etc. On average each large kit weighs 300 to 350 lbs.  

All kit cockpits sold in the USA have an average ship cost of $200 up to $350 (or more) and again, this solely depends on the total kit weight and your shipping location in the USA or elsewhere.  Cockpit shipping costs to Europe are typically $800 to $1,000.  Regardless, for all kit cockpit purchases (bare bones or Complete RTA) only the actual shipping fee will be charged.

We do however charge an additional fee of $25 – $50 for packing and boxing materials. This is because we have to buy these additional items for safely and securely packing your cockpit.

Lastly, we provide shipping insurance for 1/3 total item cost and the sales contract includes a customer request option to purchase added shipping insurance or the buyer can choose to waive the added cost. 


For all Bare Bones or Completed RTA flight simulator cockpit shell kits you can expect a delivery timeline of 30 to 60 days after your initial payment clears.  Again,this is because we typically have to custom make each one to order.

If no in stock units currently exist the fabrication and proper packaging of a cockpit will typically take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. This timeline greatly depends on the specific model purchased and any add-ons which have been added to the order.  Once shipped from San Diego California, you can expect a 7-10 day delivery time in the USA or double this time for foreign delivery.   Therefore, cockpit orders generally take at least 30-45 days at minimum to complete from the date of your order and may take 7 – 14 days to receive after shipment occurs. The larger the cockpit the more time it will take to complete.   Once again this is because most every kit is built by hand…one at a time!

Until demand requires that our cockpits be mass produced (something never likely to occur) the building process will have to remain as it is rather than being more automated for faster production.  While we would love to have a streamlined sim cockpit factory, which produced several unit per month, the demand for kit cockpit shells is actually very, very small.  This is because flight simulator cockpits are very a small niche market item that very few people build or buy each year.

Kit Cockpit Mail Tracking

If you purchased a BareBones or Complete RTA kit we will provide you with a tracking number once the kit is dropped off at the shipping service.  In the USA we use Yellow Roadway (at YRC.com)  Once we inform you of shipment it may take 12-24 hours for the shipping service to update their shipment records so please check the number each day if it does not automatically give you shipment information.  Lastly, please make sure we have your current shipping address on file prior to your expected shipping date and please know that we use large printed mailing labels on all packaging for clarity!



We will ship any and all items world-wide provided you, the buyer, are agreeing to pay full shipment costs which will be pre-determined via email prior to any payment or deposit. Shipping any item outside of the USA is obviously more expensive but if you want any item from SimSamurai we will certainly send it to you!

To discuss any shipment costs for outside of the contiguous lower 48 USA states please send email inquiry to simsamurai@gmail.com   Please specify the exact product or products you wish to buy and make sure to specify your exact shipping address in the email including Country, City and Postal Code.

We will typically have a complete shipping quote to you within 5 - 7 business days after which you can decide if you would like for us to send you an invoice and sales contract for the items so as to proceed with a purchase.

Make sure you email your final mailing address exactly how it should appear to your countries postal mail carrier!  This includes all proper line separations! This is needed for accurate shipping quotes!

Foreign Customer Deliveries

If you are a foreign customer outside of the USA please expect 10-20 days for overseas delivery once the cockpit is ready to ship.   Therefore, if you are purchasing a sim cockpit RTA kit please expect 45 to 60 days total delivery time as all kit cockpits are made to order. As said before, all kit cockpits are typically created during a three to four week time period after the initial order date and then once shipped you can expect at minimum a 14 day ship time.