Pro-Line Cockpit Systems

Our Professional line of cockpit systems are turn-key style flight simulators which are ready to fly out of the box.  They include a complete cockpit shell(s), one or more computers and flight control hardware of either a hobby/game level or commercial level.   Options can include one simulator for single or dual pilot operation and or several simulators which are networked for multiple training interaction.  This can additionally include an Instructor Operating Station (IOS) to monitor and control individual or multiple simulator(s).

Whatever your goals may be, we can custom tailor a package that is unique to your needs.  This can include one or more of our currently offered designs or we can design a totally new “one off” concept not currently offered on site.  We then combine this with a computer system (or systems) and hardware and flight controls of your choice be that of more affordable lower level  “gaming style” control hardware or more professional controls and PC avionics and optional custom fabricated dual linked flight controls for single or dual pilot operation.  

Aside from our own in house skills and resources, we have established working relationships with experienced designers, engineers, and fabricators who help us bring your goals to life.  We outsource some items as well fabricate most things in house or in our local military industrial complex of San Diego California USA.

If an advanced turn-key flight simulator is something you desire for your school or organization please contact us via with an outline of your needs and goals.  We will quickly return a detailed proposal which can be reviewed and refined to meet the needs of your project.  Lastly, we ask that if a turn-key flight simulator is something you are serious about purchasing, we need to know of your interests well in advance as our production and delivery timeline is typically 60 to 90 days from date of contract signing. Please know that if ordered today, your order may not be delivered for at least 90 days but depending on time and availability this could be less.  While we would love to get large orders out to you in two weeks, things of this size and nature simply take a lot of time to fabricate and configure.

Pro-Line Package Options

Aside from our ability to create custom options, we offer three core options with our pro-line system;  A single pilot desktop unit which uses the DCP desk training cockpit, or the DK-1 or DK-2 Katana cockpits, or a two seat dual pilot general aviation unit using the CS-2 Pegasus cockpit, or a large dual seat airliner sized cockpit using the large Airliner X design which is unique in that if using LCDs for panel instrumentation it can be used for both jet training as well as general aviation training in smaller aircraft. 

The inexpensive single pilot desktop simulator platforms are typically outfitted with top gaming style flight control hardware from retail vendors such as GoFlight, Saitek, Thrustmaster, etc but we can also outfit these units with much more professional level / industrial quality packages.   All systems are coupled with a high-end custom built quad-core PC similar to what is used in the CS-2.  It powers 2 video cards for display of three 27″ to 32″ LCDs for visuals and a single 24″ to 32″ touchscreen for flight instrumentation which will come with several 1:1 scale virtual instrument panel sets (VIPs) and this can be expanded upon with more display options.  It also comes installed with FAA Certifiable GPS software (with updateable database) and also has iPad EFB (electronic flight bag) integration for very realistic real world training.  Our fully featured single pilot procedural training packages start at $10,500.

The two larger dual pilot base packages which can use the CS-2 Pegasus or Airliner X for dual pilot  / co-pilot cockpit operations can also use similar  “off the shelf” components or pro-level avionics and will come equipped with a custom built / custom configured quad core PC with two video cards (for CS-2) or four video cards (for Airliner X).  Both of these dual seat packages begin at a cost of $18,000 and this includes all hardware, software, operational manuals, and many 2D virtual instrument panel sets optimized for touchscreen use.  Both packages also include custom seating, lighting, and instrument panel with glare shield. 

Custom Design Package Options

If you are interested in purchasing a “one off” custom tailored cockpit shell our design fee is typically $500 to $1000 depending on cockpit size and complexity and the finished cockpit shell can range in cost from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on size, options, and complexity. Regardless, we have the design skills and resources to create and build anything you desire.

Component Add-On Options

If you desire to have more professional flight control hardware rather than “off the shelf” retail components we will typically reduce the base cost of any package by $700 (for cost of yoke, rudders, throttle, etc) and the following individual options can be added to the package:

Add-on Option #1 - Dual mechanical yoke system - $1,500

Add-on Option #2 – Dual mechanical rudder system – $2,000 

Add-on Option #3 – Single Yoke with Force Feedback – $1,000

Add-on Option #4 – Dual Yokes with Force Feedback – $3,500

Add-on Option #5 – FAA AATD Certification  – $2,500

For example; a base Airliner X unit with dual linked force feedback yokes, mechanical linked rudders, and FAA certification yields a total package price of approximately $30,000

Final package prices are somewhat negotiable based on individual customer needs and final options required or desired.

FAA Certified units come with secondary desk and networked shuttle PC for Instructor Operating Station (IOS).

The main goal of SimSamurai is to provide systems which can attain a level of FAA certification that allows the simulator to be used for multiple type aircraft or can represent various models and panel layouts within a single type.  This type of approach is very valuable to aviation training as many smaller regional and commercial airlines commonly have aircraft with subtle differences in avionics as well subtleties within aircraft performance.   Therefore by using a combination of modern touchscreen technology, various 2D virtual gauge panels, modern GPS software, iPad EFB integration and dual linked yokes / rudders it can provide a highly realistic environment which covers many different needs and requirements for training and pilot certifications.

Please contact us at for more information regarding these advanced package options.  Serious Inquiries Only.