The workhorse of our fleet is the well-loved CS-1 Stallion.  Our unique cost-effective design provides a totally immersive cockpit enclosure for one or two pilots. The CS-1 was specifically designed to replicate the most common general aviation aircraft such as a Cessna 172/182, or 210 and its measurements are within 99% accuracy of these famous aircraft.  However, while being based on Cessna, the CS-1 Stallion can easily be used for any other similar sized general aviation aircraft such as a Piper Warrior, Cherokee, Seminole, Seneca, Beech Baron, Beech King Air, or many more.  Therefore the CS-1 is equally great for light twin engine aircraft as well many heavier twin engine aircraft, or even many light jets common to charter aviation.

All of the various aircraft mentioned can be flown “virtually” if using our flexible ideology of having two large LCDs in the cockpit for using virtual 2D panel flight instrumentation.  The CS-1 Stallion instrument panel width is designed to fit two 22″ (16:9 or 16:10) displays side by side, or can use a single 24” display supplemented with a tactile radio stack on the right.  The panel area is also large enough to fit a real Cessna 172/182/210/310 panel or you can install any other custom style of instrument panel if desired.  If using LCD and touchscreens as we do you can quickly use many 2D virtual panels sets, some of which we will begin to offer for Prepar3D v4 in 2017.  Lastly, we are happy to make equipment recommendations and can help tailor the cockpit to your needs.

The interior cabin width is a comfortable 41″ inches not counting the added elbow room created in the door and wall pocket recesses.  The doors are made to hold 32″ LCDs if desired for side views and the added recesses in the doors and next to the panel help serve for storage of items such as small keyboard and mouse, training checklists and a coffee cup!

For the DIY builder the CS-1 Stallion is an easy to build “stick frame” design which can be constructed with basic home tools such as a circular saw and drill.  It can be covered in fiberboard, ABS plastic, or even real aluminum.  Our detailed builder manual walks you through every single step of the build process. We also offer a Bare-Bones kit option to help you jump start the process as well many other choices to help save money.  The DIY plans also include the option for building the modular base frame as well the easy to remove LCD Bonnet enclosure which can house up to three 32″ LCDs. The CS-1 can also be used with any projection system instead of the LCD Bonnet so it is very flexible in that it gives you the option for either style of visuals.

Lastly, in recent years we have seen a few people around the internet try and make something very similar to the CS-1 just by attempting to copy the design from our images.  Please know that we greatly urge you to NOT attempt this!   We have meticulously engineered the CS-1 and spent several months refining the design to best suit flight simulation equipment while also respecting real world aircraft dimensions.  It’s a delicate balance that is hard to perfect but we’ve done it.  The CS-1 is a professional design which can be built by one person in 15 working days or approximately three weeks time.  

To date we have sold over 500 plan sets of the popular CS-1 Stallion.  It’s a great design and our plans are both easy to understand and will allow you to build it in a very professional manner.   If you are ready to take your simulation experience to a higher level,  the CS-1 is ready to let your dreams soar.  Saddle up and ride!

NOTE* The back wall skin and wall frame is also included in the design or kit purchase. It is only removed in images to showcase the interior features.


  • Ergonomic design based on real general aviation aircraft cockpit dimensions such as the Cessna 182 / 210 / 310.
  • Has ability to use up to 7 displays (2 for instrument panel and 3 to 5 for exterior views).
  • Main “Out of Window” view is designed for 3 monitors via MTH2Go, ATI Eyefinity, NVidia or 1 to 2 projector(s).
  • Designed to be put close to projection wall for space constraints. (or use the LCD Bonnet with 3 LCDs)
  • Form follows function design which maximizes materials use to keep total build costs low.
  • Can be built using standard home construction tools.
  • Can house GA sim panels from SimKits or VRInsight.
  • Can house GA avionics from GoFlight or Saitek.
  • Designed for two pilots to train together.
  • Can house the largest HPTC PC tower.
  • Can install dual mechanical yokes.
  • Can install dual mechanical rudders.
  • Easy to relocate in your home.
  • Breaks down into 6 sections.
  • Completely modular design.
  • Immersive sim environment.
  • Basic dimensions are 50″w x 80″l x 60″h


CS-1 DIY Plans Set              $32.00 USD

CS-1 Bare Bones Kit          $2,250.00 USD 

CS-1 Completed RTA Kit    $3,250.00 USD

CS-1 ST Steel Frame Kit    $3,850.00 USD


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The CS-1 Stallion is offered as several purchase options.  You can purchase the DIY Builder Blueprint pack or purchase the CS-1 in two basic builder kit options of a Bare-Bones kit or a fully finished RTA – Ready To Assemble kit.   Below the base kit options are five other accessory options and upgrades to select from.  Please read through all options as there are many ways to customize your CS-1 Stallion.

We also offer Proline service options for a full turn-key cockpit complete with PC, flight controls, seats, etc. Please send us an email to receive more information as we prefer to tailor each cockpit to the customers exact needs and requirements.

You can learn more about our builder options by visiting the DIY Flight Systems page.

CS-1 DIY Builder Blueprint Pack$32.00 USD

  • Includes highly detailed plan and elevation drawings
  • Includes all details for measuring, marking, cutting, etc.
  • Includes all details for building the optional Mobile Base.
  • Includes all details for building the optional LCD Bonnet.
  • Includes many options for further customization
  • Includes a step-by-step DIY builder manual
  • Includes a free 33 page carpentry guide you can grab HERE
  • Includes Imperial Standard to Metric Conversions
  • Includes photo slideshow links to aid in the DIY process
  • Full builder support by phone & email
  • All for a reasonable $32.00 plus $8 shipping!

To purchase the CS-1 DIY Pack see the PURCHASE-BUY page.

CS-1 Bare-Bones Kit – $2,250 USD

The CS-1 base Bare-Bones kit consists of all the basic materials and hardware necessary for project completion. This includes all pre-cut stick frame lumber for all wall frames, roof, rear, front, etc, and the white ABS plastic exterior skin.  Also included is plywood decking for the base platform, front hatch, and flight control mounting deck.  

The wood frame members are first planed smooth to straighten the lumber and remove imperfections and then  we sand the frame members so that they will be ready for painting by you.  Lastly, we drill all frame members on a drill press to ensure very straight, accurate holes.

If you wish to receive the CS-1 as an even more basic starter kit we offer an added discount of $400 to allow you to perform the frame and skin drilling which typically takes 2 to 3 days, one for the frame work and one for the skin panels.  This brings the available Bare-Bones cost down to $1,850.   We can also reduce costs another $60 (as well shave off some shipping costs)  by you building your own plywood base.   If choosing to pre-drill everything yourself, we do provide you with the builder manual to do so and we highly recommend use of a drill press and also a drill-bit guide block for a hand held drill, both of which allow your drill-bit to remain very perpendicular to the wood surface on two axes.  This is extremely important for all the surfaces to mate up properly.

In either case, the final work you must finish is a possible final light sanding and then painting of the frame members which must be done before skin attachment.  Painting is typically performed over two days at minimum where you paint one side, then the other sides.

Lastly, please see the Accessory Options and Upgrades section for other items you can purchase with your CS-1 Bare-Bones kit.

To purchase the Bare-Bones kit option please see the PURCHASE-BUY page or contact us via email. 

CS-1 Completed RTA Kit – $3,250 USD

The CS-1 Ready To Assemble (RTA) kit is a fully painted, ready to assemble unit.  All parts are professionally planed, sanded, pre-drilled and painted.  Some parts come pre-assembled for you such as the doors and side walls.  Most skin panels are pre-attached to their respective frames while other will require some minor assembly. The entire CS-1 RTA kit can be quickly assembled in just 2 hours or less. 

The wall frames are colored with an oil based charcoal metallic paint and other items such as the plywood base platform is grey.  The exterior skin is wrapped in white ABS 2mm plastic or you can choose the premium upgrade option of real aluminum skin.

Lastly, please see the Accessory Options and Upgrades section for other items you can purchase with your CS-1 RTA kit.

To purchase the CS-1 RTA cockpit kit please see the PURCHASE-BUY page or contact us via email.


As a bonus for kit cockpit customers we will reduce the cost of each option by 10% if all 5 available upgrades are purchased either as Bare or Completed. (Bonnet, Panel, Aluminum Skin, Steel Frame, and Mobile Base)

CS-1  LCD Bonnet Enclosure Option

LCD Bonnet option costs are $420 or $540 USD.

As shown in the photos, the CS-1 design includes the option of the easily removable LCD Bonnet enclosure which can house up to three 32″ widescreen LCDs for the main exterior visuals (or 4 smaller LCDs.  The Bonnet is made of high quality birch plywood, vertical frame members, and is wrapped in 2mm black ABS plastic.   

The Bare-Bones LCD Bonnet kit option is $420 and it comes completely pre-drilled for you. Only the painting of the base, top, and vertical supports will be required.  For the fully painted and complete RTA Bonnet option (which is pre-drilled & painted) the cost is $540.  Both options include the plywood decks, solid wood framework, all assembly hardware, and black ABS plastic skin which covers the face and rear side of the bonnet.

CS-1  Instrument Panel Option

Instrument panel option costs are $420 or $580 USD.

In addition to a cockpit shell kit you can also purchase a fully customized aluminum instrument panel.  We custom design the panel specifically to fit your personal equipment needs or you can choose from any of our stock designs. The instrument panel is made of 5mm (.125″) 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and is precision cut on a CNC water jet system.   The higher priced option includes a dash/glare-shield made of high quality hard rubberized material which gives it a very realistic look and feel.  The instrument panel is a great way to give the cockpit a very professional appearance and allows for more immediate use with your equipment on hand.

CS-1  Aluminum Skin Upgrade

Aluminum skin option costs are $800 or $1380 USD.

Real .032 gauge aluminum sheeting can also be selected for an added cost of $1,380 or as a “bare” option for $800.  The premium option comes polished and waxed, the bare option leaves final finishing up to you.   For the premium option, after cutting the skin is sandblasted, then haze polished with 3 different step downs in grit, and then the exterior surface is waxed.  The haze finish is standard for industrial uses as it provides a nice finish which does not show scratches.  It is not a “mirror” or glossy finish.  Please see the aluminum skin of the CS-2 Pegasus for reference of the haze polished skin.

CS-1  Welded Steel Frame Upgrade

The welded steel frame option cost is $600 USD.

We also offer a commercial grade steel frame upgrade option for the CS-1.  Instead of 2×4 and 2×2 wood stick framing, all wall, door, and associated framework is made of .095″ welded steel tubing.  Only the base platform, flight control mounting deck, and front access hatch remains plywood.  This option is currently available at an introductory price for an added $600 (to cover materials costs) for both the bare-bones kit option or the fully completed RTA kit.

CS-1  Mobile Support Base Upgrade

The mobile base frame option costs are $350, $450, and $80 USD.

Both the CS-1 Bare-Bones and RTA kit automatically come with a plywood base on which the wall frames are bolted.  If you wish to create your own base we will reduce the cost of either kit $60 and will provide you with instructions on how to build your own as it is easy to create.  We generally recommend that you do this as it  reduces total shipping weight by 65 pounds.  Any such savings in shipping is passed on to you.

If you wish to purchase the elevated support frame it can includes the plywood base (or not), but will include the 3″ high base support framework, and five (5) 5″ polyurethane caster wheels.  This gives the CS-1 an elevated height of ~ 10 inches.  The main advantage of the mobile base option is that it allows the CS-1 to be easily moved within any room. Likewise, if your facility has double doors that are 50″ or greater, the CS-1 can be quickly moved to other locations without need of dis-assembly.  

Cost of the wood support frame is $350 with a welded steel frame upgrade of $100 (thus $450).  both options come painted and ready for assembly.   The caster wheel pack is an additional $80 and we use high grade 360-degree rotational casters each of which have a load rating of 350lbs or more.  We offer the wheel pack separately because you can find similar wheels and have them shipped directly to you to save some costs. We typically have them shipped direct to you as well (rather than to us, then you) and in each case you must bolt them onto the elevated support frame.


Shipping costs vary depending on location and upgrade choices.

For both the Bare-Bones or RTA kits, the average shipping costs in
USA is $350 to $500 depending on your location and selected upgrade options.  Therefore shipping can be up to $700 in the USA and European shipments can be up to $1,000 USD, possibly more depending on final choices and options.  The LCD Bonnet adds extra weight as does aluminum skin or a steel frame.  Therefore additional options will add anywhere from $100 to $200 over standard shipping costs due to the extra packaging and added weight.   The average shipping weight of a full CS-1 RTA kit with all options and accessories is 450lbs or 550lbs with the steel frame option.

The CS-1 ships in two or three large boxes depending on purchase of the Bare-Bones kit or Completed RTA kit, LCD Bonnet, etc.  Once in hand you will only need a small socket set and screw driver (power drill/driver recommended) to complete the final assembly which will typically take two hours.

Whether you order a set of the DIY plans, Bare-Bones kit or  completed RTA kit, we offer free builder advice for all flight simulator cockpit customers via email or phone (during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time).  Please know that we are here to help if you need advice or added assistance! For further inquiry please email us at simsamurai@gmail.com