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SimSamurai offers both a DIY manual for building dual mechanically linked yokes yourself or, you can choose to have us fabricate them for you.  If you are interested in our fabrication services prices typically start at $1,750 for general aviation style horizontally mounted yokes and this does include cost of the two Cessna, Piper, or Beech style yoke horns providing each horn costs no more than $350 each.  Airliner style dual linked floor mounted “pedestal style yokes” cost around $3,000 to fabricate and this includes cost of the airliner yokes which are commonly at least $500 to $700 each.  Therefore final pricing is largely based on actual costs of the selected yokes themselves.

The dual yokes DIY plan set allows builders to create a set of professional quality flight yokes which are mechanically linked to one another.  This package is sold as a PDF file which includes all builder details, plans, blueprints and diagrams necessary for project completion.  To complement this we also offer a completely free 35 page Guide to Cockpit Carpentry which you can download HERE.

While all types and styles of dual yoke construction will eventually be covered (and all upgrades are free to you), the current V1 edition primarily details how to build horizontally mounted spring tension style of dual control flight simulator yokes for under $200 (plus cost of the actual yoke horns / handles).  This low cost design can be sandwiched into just 4 inches of vertical space making it ideal for all SimSamurai cockpit designs or any cockpit for that matter as it minimizes use of space and will allow for the lowest dash height possible.

Additional types such as floor mounted pedestal style yokes and force feedback yokes will eventually be fully covered  in later revisions (and at each new point this manual will increase $5)  but please know these two added designs are not currently detailed in the V1 edition but are discussed for purposes of familiarization.

Regardless, this highly detail technical manual on building dual linked mechanical flight yokes is bar none the most comprehensive product you will find on this subject and the SimSamurai designs have been refined to perfection.  

Current Volume 1 Pricing is only $20.00 USD

To buy the Builder Manual / Plan Set please see the PURCHASE page.

Once again, In this first edition only spring resistant horizontally mounted yokes are fully detailed and illustrated. However, it does a include basic details of floor mounted pedestal style yokes as well as force feedback style.  (but these two additional types are not yet fully explained nor are plans provided..only plans for type 1)  

The current Volume 1 edition is 65 pages. Chapters 1, 2, and 5 are the only chapters which are fully complete (see below).  Chapters 3 and 4 will be fully completed over 2015-2016 and at that point the builder manual will cost $10 more once fully completed and will likely exceed 100 pages of text. Therefore we encourage you to buy it now at the low Volume 1 pricing as all future upgrades will be completely free for current customers!

All future updates of the Dual Yokes manual will be absolutely free to anyone who purchases the manual today and this is regardless of your original purchase price. In other words, all future volume upgrades are free.. so buy now and save!

Great care and detail have gone into providing you with yet another outstanding SimSamurai product. No detail has been missed. You can now build dual linked mechanical yokes for less cost than if you bought two brand new gaming style yokes, yet you will have three times the fore and aft travel distances and a full 180 degree range of roll motion just like in any real world aircraft. Best yet, all required parts are readily available online or at your local hardware store and there is actually minimal work required. The dual flight yokes can actually be constructed in as little as two weekends.

Get ready to fly!

The manual is broken down by the following introductory sections and project chapters:

Chapter 1 — Introduction to Building Dual Linked Yokes

Section 1 – Immediate Options for Creating Dual Yokes

Section 2 – Types and Styles of Mechanical Yokes

Section 3 – Project Tool Requirements

Section 4 – Deciding Which Style to Build 

Section 5 – Control Yoke Horn Purchasing

Section 6 – Dual Yoke Widths and Separation Positioning

Section 7 – Yoke Shaft Heights (from floor or base)

Chapter  2 — SRH Yokes (Spring Resistant Horizontally Mounted Dual Yokes) 

Ch 2 – Details and Plans / Drawings for Spring Actuation for SRH Yokes

Ch 2 – Goals of Spring Actuation for SRH Yokes

Ch 2 – Parts & Materials List for SRH Yokes

Ch 2 – All Steps of Project Completion (Steps 1 – 40)

Chapter  3 — SRV Yokes (Spring Resistant Vertically Mounted Dual Yokes)

Ch 3 – Details and Plans/ Drawings for Spring Actuated for SRV Yokes

Ch 3 – Goals of Spring Actuation for SRV Yokes

Ch 3 – Parts & Materials List for SRV Yokes

Ch 3 – All Steps of Project Completion (Steps 1 – X?)

Chapter 4 — Force Feedback Yokes (Horizontal & Vertical mount)

Ch 4 – Details and Plans / Drawings for Power Actuated FF Yokes

Ch 4 – Goals of Powered Actuation for FF Yokes

Ch 4 – Parts & Materials List for FF Yokes

Ch 4 – All Steps of Project Completion (Steps 1 – X?)

Chapter 5 — Control Yoke Wiring and Electronics

Ch 5 – Selecting applicable buttons and switches

Ch 5 – 8 way “hat” switches

Ch 5 – Creating a Wiring Interface Diagram

Ch 5 – Installations – Wiring, Soldering, Mounting

Ch 5 – Interfacing and Configuring with Sim Software

To Purchase the DIY Dual Mechanical Yokes Manual (DMYM) please follow the purchase instructions found on the PURCHASE-BUY.

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