All the rules, all the tools… all the core pilot knowledge you need to know when practicing real pilot procedures or while operating any aircraft in an advanced online ATC training environment.

The Samurai In-Flight Bible series consists of the most important facts, rules, regulations, and real world procedures that you need to know. Its made for real pilots and its great for sim pilots too!

Along with rules and regulations, it also includes all of the most commonly used formulas, charts and diagrams that are important for pilots of every level of experience.  So whether you are a simulator novice, training professional, or seasoned veteran these highly detailed flight training handbooks are a must have item for your own flight deck.

VOLUME 1 — The VFR-IFR In-Flight Bible ($17)

VOLUME 2 — The Single Engine In-Flight Bible ($10)

VOLUME 3 — The Multi-Engine In-Flight Bible ($13)

VOLUME 4 — The Sim Samurai Ultimate 88 IFR Guide ($12)

You can buy each individually or as a reduced cost set for $33.00 and if doing so, we also offer the Ultimate 88 IFR guide for $10 instead of $12. Thus you can save $9 across all four volumes by purchasing them all as grouped bundle.  To purchase one or all four please visit the Purchase Page located from the Navigation Bar at the top of this page.

Don’t forget that the GlobeTrekker GT-1000 is also free with every purchase order over $35.00 and we also discount 10% for all purchases over $100.00 and this includes already discounted items like the IFB-3 pack or 4 pack.   See the SPECIALS page for discounts and the PURCHASE page to make a purchase.


For The Flight Simulator Pilot :

If you want to be a Samurai of the virtual sky you should do yourself the justice of learning real world rules and procedures. This means knowing and following all those rules all at the proper times. I spent alot of time flying my own sim before I became a real world pilot and unfortunately alot of that time was wasted just doing simple fun VFR flights.  Had I been given the right tools early on I could’ve learned alot more in a shorter amount of time.  With these three products I will get you up to speed on real world procedures very quickly! You’ll know what to do..and when to do it!

If you are looking for just one volume of the three to help you get started I highly recommend the VFR-IFR In-Flight Bible. All of the information and concepts are explained clearly and to the point.  Once you spend a week with it you’ll be flying like a pro.

If you want to enjoy flying in realistic flight simulation multi-player environments such as VATSIM then you are also expected to follow these rules just like you would in the real world.  Needless to say, this is often a very big challenge for the low hour pilot and can also be quite challenging for experienced sim pilots who have never taken on the greater challenge of flying with realistic ATC. Therefore, having a professionally scripted reference handbook like the VFR-IFR In-Flight Bible is the key to creating realistic sim cockpit skill and management. It even has many charts and decent rate tables that are very helpful for flying the heavies. With it you’ll learn how to properly set up, plan, and execute a successful IFR approach.



Professional Training Begins With Professional Practice!

UPDATE NEWS AND SPECIALS! The SimSamurai In-Flight Bibles are now in their third and final revisions.  Each volume is packed with at least 50% more data! You will be amazed at the quality of each volume. You can buy each one individually or you can buy all three at the same time for just $33.00. Also offered is a new “Ultimate 88 IFR Study Guide” for $12.00 but if purchased with the 3 In-Flight Bibles you can get for $10 for a $43 total.  This offer will save you $9 across all four guides.

If there was just one thing to greatly improve your pilot knowledge and hands-on flying skills…the In-Flight Bible series is it! It’s now fully maximized and sized for iPad too!

The final VFR-IFR Bible (released September 1st 2015) is now 65 pages and is $17 for new customers,  $7 for repeat customers, and only $4 for those who already bought the V1.1 update which was only in brief circulation. The new Single Engine Bible is $10 and the Multi-Engine Bible is $13. To help you save money though, you can buy all 3 core volumes for just $33.  

If you want to take your flight training seriously, whether that is in a simulator or a real aircraft, then you really need the right tools to do so.  While a lot of training can be done at home, you will also find that you have many unanswered questions when you are sitting at the airport, or ever worse while flying in the airplane!  

Aside from the many FAA publications and many other frivolous items you can grab off the internet, wouldn’t it be great (and safe) to have a concise booklet which contains all of the most often used rules, regulations and procedures you commonly use for every flight? Yes, …we thought so too! Therefore we proudly present the all new SimSamurai “Pilot Pal” In-Flight Bible Series.

They are all called “Bibles” simply because when you experience any “Oh Jesus” moment you will be very glad you have these on board.  Each one is very logically structured and and is packed with all the core knowledge every pilot is supposed to know.  Even if you think you know it all, these are a great refresher course.   Also included on each page is the actual FAR-AIM reference for further review if you desire.

We carefully crafted these three unique handbooks, all of which will get you up to speed on real world piloting procedures in a very short amount of time. If you are just starting out in your journey of flight training you should consider these as a must have item!

VOLUME 1 — The VFR – IFR In-Flight Bible ($17)

When first issued, the original In-Flight Bible was a broad mix of the most used VFR rules, regulations, and formulas.  The final volume has been expanded to a robust and highly detailed edition which contains 65 pages of the most used and most revisited rules, regulations, formulas, and charts that both a VFR and IFR pilot will use each time they plan a flight or actually fly.  After a read through you will finally understand how both the VFR and IFR world works together in flight.  It is bar-none the most comprehensive piloting handbook you will ever find.  Each page is designed as a 5.25″ x 8.5″ card for placing in a protective sleeved Flight Crew Checklist Binder and we have also maximized the file so that it is full scale when viewed on an iPad. 

Whether you are an avid flight simming hobbyist, a real pilot in training, or are perhaps even a CFI or MEII who would like to have succinct and to the point  “crib notes” style data from which to teach the core principles of aviation, we guarantee the In-Flight Bible series is exactly what you are looking for. 

Please view the comprehensive data list at the bottom of this page for what’s included in the VFR-IFR Bible alone.

VOLUME 2 — The Single Engine In-Flight Bible ($10)

The Single-Engine Bible contains specific Cessna 172/182 checklists and procedures as well as all key emergency procedures that are used in every single engine aircraft such as Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, etc.  It also contains many other more generalized procedures and maneuvers that are applicable to all single engine aircraft such as all procedural checklists for the flight training maneuvers which are required to pass your in-flight pilot practical exams. 

Most importantly, it also contains concise checklists for all single engine private pilot practical exam maneuvers as well the single engine commercial pilot maneuvers.  Having all this data in one handbook makes it a perfect flight training guide. Just like the VFR-IFR volume, this second volume is a must have for hands on practical knowledge and airwork.

VOLUME 3 — The Samurai Multi-Engine Bible ($13)

If you are ready to make the big step into flying twin engine aircraft we have you covered.  The “ME Bible” is once again a concise volume of all standard checklists, procedures, regulations, and practical maneuvers all of which are very necessary for passing a multi-engine add-on checkride as well as the commercial multi checkride.  As multi-engine instrument rated pilots, we at SimSamurai made sure to include every ounce of core data you need to know in order to pilot a light twin propeller driven aircraft.  There’s nothing better!

VOLUME 4 — Sim Samurai’s Ultimate 88 IFR Study Guide ($12)

During real world flight training we quickly found out, as most pilots do, that the coveted instrument rating is the most challenging and comprehensive rating of all pilot ratings.  There are many different subjects, procedures, and equations, all of which must be learned, memorized and repeatedly practiced in flight.  

During this learning process we also quickly found that there was no comprehensive study guide which summarizes all the key concepts and procedures a pilot must know in order to pass both the IFR written exam as well as the IFR practical in-flight exam.  Sure, there are volumes of books with thousands of pages but there are actually none which present all the knowledge in a stripped down “core crib notes” style of format that will allow you to see the big picture on the up frontBy doing this, it will allow you to further examine and study each core part as needed or desired.  Therefore this unique 88 paged guide book is a highly detailed and logically ordered “crib notes” approach to the entire scope of the instrument rating.  What you once thought to be a very complex subject is broken down into a very easily digestible format. 

Just like the UGTAFS it includes the most important details and each page is also filled with various website hot links which allow you to immediately explore a subject much deeper.  After just one reading you will know exactly what the entire IFR rating is all about and it will immediately help prepare you for both your IFR written and oral exams. 

Yes,’s that good.


Content Legend of the VFR - IFR In-Flight Bible

Each numbered item below contains a full page of concise “crib notes” style data printed onto a 5.25″ x 8.5″ sized card.  It is perfect to print or use on a PC, Laptop, or iPad.  We have now enlarged and accurately scaled all of the In-Flight Bibles so that they render full screen on iPads and iPad mini.  This way you can print them if desired or just view them digitally without need of zooming to view the text.

01      Introduction / Cover

02      Content Legend

03      Pre-Flight Safety Brief

04      Cross wind chart and graph

05      Koch Chart for Altitude / Temp

06      Wake Turbulence take off / landing Procedures

07      Tailwind / Turbulence / Downdraft Procedures

08      Water Ditching / Military Interception

09      VFR and IFR Lost Comm Procedures

10      Light Gun Signals / Lost Nav / Missed Approach Procs

11      Airport Beacons / Approach Lighting

12      Uncontrolled Airport Safety Procedures

13      Weather Hazard Awareness

14      Ice Types / Icing Emergency Procedures

15      Cold Weather Altimeter Errors

16      Pitot Static System / Pitot Static Errors Diagrams

17      Gyroscopic Instrument Error

18      Compass Errors / Timed Compass Turns

19      Altitudes and Airspeeds / PICDATT-ICETGM

20      ISA – Standard Atmosphere Scale

21      Calculating Pressure Altitude, Density Alt, TAS, CAS

22      Primary Performance Calculations

23      Density Altitude Chart

24      E6-B In-Flight Calculations

25      E6-B Navigation Log Calculations

26      Weight & Balance Calculations

27      Aircraft / Pilot Airworthiness

28      General Rules of the Sky

29      Oxygen and Pressurization Regulations

30      VFR – IFR Cruise Altitude Regulations

31      VFR - IFR Speed Restrictions / IFR Speed & Vis. Mins.

32      Flight Visibility Regulations (VFR-MVFR-SVFR-IFR)

33      VFR  – Weather Visibility Minimums

34      Airspace Class Details A-B-C

35      Airspace Class Details D-E-G

36      Special Use Airspace (SUA)

37      Flight Plans & Pilot Reporting / Filing

38      VFR – IFR Flight Planning

39      VFR – Opening Plan, Flight Following, Loc. Reporting

40      IFR – Alternate Requirements

41      IFR – Comm Reporting Requirements

42      IFR - Clearance Types (pt.1)

43      IFR - Clearance Types (pt.2)

44      IFR - Approach Categories / Types (pt. 1)

45      IFR – Approach Categories / Types (pt. 2)

46      IFR – Specialized Landing Approaches

47      IFR - Departures & Arrival Regulations

48      IFR - Climb Gradient  / Calculating VDP

49      VOR Navigation / Establishing a Fix

50      VOR Navigation / Intercepting Radials

51      VOR Errors / Testing / Ranges / Freqs.

52      1:60 Ratio Calculating

53      IFR – HOLDING procedures

54      IFR – DME ARCING procedures

55      ADF-NDB Navigation (fixed card & moveable card)

56      Descent Rate Calculations (via pitch angle)

57      Descent Rate Calculations (via groundspeed / FPM)

58      Time in Descent (via distance / time)

59      In-Flight Weather Resources

60      TAF & METAR Reports

61      TAF & METAR Decoding

62      Latitude & Longitude Calculations

63      UTC Time Converting

64      Fuel-Weight-Measurement Conversions

65      ICAO Alphabet, Special Equip. Runway Reciprocals