This column of videos contains our DIY builder tip tutorials for constructing a flight simulator cockpit.  All of these are basic home carpentry procedures which you need to know to follow the steps in the DIY builder manuals and most of these concepts are included in the new Guide to Cockpit Carpentry you can grab HERE.  All you need is the right tools, patience, and a good instructor!  Make practice cuts and drill holes on scrap material before ever beginning your actual sim cockpit project.  Measure twice…cut once!

SAMURAI DIY Builder Tips

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This column contains videos specific to particular cockpit designs. While the first column is general building tips, this column provides key tips in areas of building which may seem complex or confusing for a particular cockpit.   If you are having any trouble during your DIY kit cockpit building process and want to see a specific demonstration video please email us with your request and if we choose to make a video it will be posted here for all builders to reference in the future.

This column of videos will contain builder tips specific to creating additional hardware or controls which you can add onto your cockpit once it is complete.  For example, the first videos below are a 6 part series on how to build a speed brake lever, flaps switch, and dual trim wheels for only $100 in parts.  Future videos may include other things like how to build a throttle quadrant or overhead panel.  With cockpit customization…the sky’s the limit!