I am no one yet represent everyone who has ever loved or dreamed of the joy of aviation.

My name is Jeff Chartier and I am the founder of SimSamurai Flight Simulation.  I am an instrument rated commercial pilot with single and multi-engine commercial ratings.  While being type rated in a few aircraft, I don’t hold any world records or numerous awards, only simple accolades and joys, a love of aviation and a background in design which urges and propels me to create things that have long been missing from the market which I seek to fill.

My passion for design, architecture and aviation have pushed me into this small niche of creating what I feel are worthy contributions to the world of flight simulation from a standpoint of affordability.  Secondly, not everyone has the skill, finances, or desire to spend their life savings on numerous flight ratings or even the highest level of advanced flight simulation and I am probably one of those people yet I charted this course because without lofty goals one’s life is often empty.  I am always pushing myself forward and higher and building a high fidelity flight simulator helped me become a confident pilot.

My goal in life, aside from being a professional aviator, is to share the joy of flight with people be it the real sky or on the ground in a simulator.  I also know that not everyone has the skill or resources to be a professional pilot but that many people desire to feel what it is like and so I offer my services and knowledge to help you in your own journey and for whatever sky you may fly.  My flight simulator cockpit designs, as well all SimSamurai products, are made to be simple and easy to manage without sacrificing quality or integrity of the in flight environment. 

I started this website and small business not seeking fame or fortune, but rather for those smaller things which are often more honest and meaningful.   Both real flying and flight simulation can be a lonely personal challenge which one must quickly accept and overcome to reach rewarding goals.  Even with help and guidance along this journey there are also large hurdles to overcome on many, many levels.

Such is the way of a Samurai. 

Building a realistic full scale flight simulator is a great way to grow your confidence and prepare yourself for the real sky or it can simply allow you to experience the joy of flight in an environment that is truly … “as real as it gets”. 

Whether you are a real pilot seeking advanced yet affordable flight simulation training, or are a home hobbyist looking for fun, or even if you are a retiring pilot who still looks skyward each day, I am here to help you keep the dream of flight alive!

My promise to you is that I put my heart into what I produce because I know that with each day I do so I will create another happy soul.   I am a calculated thinker that knows how to both listen and learn.  I always practice the ideology of being a prepared student even while  in the position of being the teacher. As we all know in aviation, you never stop learning.

For me and many, flying is an amazing experience to be cherished and considered sacred.  There are few other occupations or hobbies which so skillfully combines science, math, and technology with the raw spirit of adventure.  Flying provides countless moments of sheer joy and can unfortunately sometimes provide terror too!  This is why we pilots train hard in simulation. Regardless, I am here to share all these experiences with you and make sure you land safely.  

Please know that your expectations of what I may give to you will always be exceeded by my own.

Onward… Upward… and Beyond !