Samurai Computer Systems

SimSamurai offers PC computer building services to both the general public and to our professional clients.  We can custom build a system that is tailored to your needs and budget while taking into account the type of simulator cockpit you wish to use the computer with.  

Because we assume you will want to use more than one monitor and will wish to use a high definition simulator such as FSX, Prepar3D or X-Plane we do recommend purchasing the latest and greatest hardware for your computer system.  While this inevitably costs a little more, our key answer to that is  “build it right the first time” as this will also give some lasting upgradeability and “future proofing” of your system.  There is however a responsible limit that some people often overlook.

Regardless of hardware choices, the main thing to be aware of is that every computer is actually limited by the software you will run on it.  This is something discussed in detail in the UGTAFS.  Essentially what this means is that hardware overkill is not always a necessity.  In 2007 people purchased both the newest and most high-end systems at the time in hopes of being able to fully maximize the settings in Microsoft’s FSX only to find that these systems, while the latest in quad core computing at the time, actually gave fairly marginal gains in simulator performance.  It wasn’t until several years later that performance improved and even then FSX still did not take full advantage of the available hardware resources such as quad core threading and RAM over 4gb.  This scenario is a perfect example of hardware capability being limited or rather chocked by software coding.

Because of this fact we have performed quite a bit of research to be able to build systems that deliver the best performance without the necessity of going overboard or wasting money on hardware that the software cannot or will not utilize.  Fortunately however, the latest simulator software titles are finally making good use of modern hardware CPU’s and especially video GPU’s.

The second factor in building a proper flight simulator system is key optimization strategies of the software once installed.  This is something we can also do for anyone wishing to purchase a system that is pre-loaded with flight simulator software and key add-ons which will improve the overall quality and fidelity of the simulation experience.

Builder Costs

Our labor costs and fees associated with building a system are simple.  We charge a $500 labor fee for a basic system build and $200 for simulator software configuring with up to 10 add-on titles (not including the operating system which we install first).  This also includes installation of all of our 2D-VIP panel sets.  We typically purchase parts from retailers such as Newegg and will give you an itemized list of which parts to purchase.  Those parts will be sent to us where we will then build and configure the system and then mail it to you once the system is completed.  System shipping is an added $50 in the USA and is fully insured for the total build amount.  We also require that any monitors / displays, or other control hardware be shipped directly to you rather than to us to save you money. 

Prior to all this however, we require that you first purchase our UGTAFS technical manual as this does two things;

The first 3 chapters of the UGTAFS are dedicated to building a top notch computer for flight simulation and it details various add-on software selections. It also details many configuring techniques.  Reading this information will greatly help you to make informed decisions about what type, size, and cost of system you want to have built and it educates you on how we do things.

Secondly, many people who have never built a computer themselves have purchased the UGTAFS and then have quickly went on to just build a computer system themselves rather than having us do it.  While you could say we are missing out on some business, we are ok with that because we always have other things to do and one of our main philosophies is to empower and teach people how to take on the responsibility of building their own computer as well their entire simulator.  Over the long term this is obviously much more beneficial to the customer, especially in regards to routine maintenance and possible future upgrades. 

Maintenance  & Warranties

If we build you a computer system we guarantee it for a time period of 90 days from the day it arrives to you. You will of course have the various hardware warranties from each hardware manufacturer (for the motherboard,CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.) We extend a 90 day warranty because we cannot determine how properly you will actually use your computer, or if your city has electrical spikes, thunderstorms, etc, or if you are an “angel user” or a “gorilla user” who likes to overclock their system to the max.  Therefore we only guarantee our product assembly labor for 90 days.  However, we do assure you that we build very stable and reliable systems that will likely last for many years, even up to a decade if you follow our directions of routine maintenance.  Regardless of this, we cannot personally guarantee the life of any hardware and therefore if any hardware fails, this is something you must take up directly with the hardware manufacturer.  Please understand that we are in the business of building flight simulators and do not have a large desire to become a computer repair shop where at some point we could become inundated with various hardware or software issues when in reality we wish to run a flight simulation business that highly encourages people to take it upon themselves to learn how to become self-sufficient computer owners.

So.. before hiring us to build your next computer, please buy the UGTAFS first.  If after a quick read through you still find that you want us to build you a system we can do so.  And again, it will likely be the best you’ve ever owned.  Just please know that at a certain point you will be on your own for future upgrades or repairs and you will always have our famous UGTAFS to help!

For our Pro-Line System clients who are purchasing flight simulator computers along with a cockpit shell(s) and control hardware we do extend a longer 1 year warranty on the computer system and offer extended warranty and maintenance packages that will accompany your commercial sales contract.

If you have a serious interest in having us build you a computer system please send inquiry email to