This design is a powerhouse.    After using sim controllers for many years I found that the typical yoke or throttle set which is generally purchased in a store does not come with adequate controls or switches for 3 main functions which are common to many commercial aircraft.    These are a good flaps switch, trim wheel, and for jets, the speed brakes  / spoilers lever.

After spending days scouring the internet for designs I simply could not find any.  While there are a few photos in forums of experiments and prototypes  no single design stood out as being something that could be cost effective and professionally made so as to last for a long time.   After some research and prototyping I am happy to offer the SimSamurai “SFT” design pack.

While I also offer free videos on how to make this yourself, this blueprint set will fill in all the gaps you need so as to build your own flaps, trim, and speed-brake set just like I did.   This is a great little project with huge results.  For just $100 in materials (plus plans) you can build something that would easily cost you 5 times that if ever bought from any retailer!