Are you prepared to say goodbye to your keyboard?  We are! 

Since Microsoft Flight Simulator began back in the early 1980′s we have always had to rely on the standard keyboard for the basic interactive functions. While all the standard aircraft functions are represented on screen such as the toggles for light switches, radios, autopilot, etc, there are at least 50+ common keystrokes everyone uses on a regular basis.  Things like raising / lowering your seat or eyepoint, pausing the sim, setting your parking brake,  getting a pushback or extending and retracting a jetway, cycling views and camera perspectives and many, many more.   What you may not know is there are also a lot of other commands not even assigned to the keyboard by default or if assigned they typically require complex keystokes.   SIMCore eliminates keyboard use and will instantly change the way you fly!

Perhaps the biggest problem with keyboard interaction is where to actually locate the keyboard.  If you have a clip-on yoke from Saitek, CH Products or others, this commonly means you either have to place the keyboard on top of your yoke or you have to create a shelf on your far right or left just to keep the keyboard within arms reach.   For years the keyboard has truly been an evil necessity of flight simulation and the challenge is always “where do I put this thing!?” What’s worse is that in order to use a keyboard in flight you often have to twist your body, look away from your screen and take your hands off the flight controls to perform a “shift+this” or “control+that”.   It’s simply annoying and makes a sim flight feel very unrealistic compared to a real world flight.

Because this core issue has plagued every flight simmer since flight simming began we’ve created something 100% useful and unique called SIMCore.  SIMCore is a collection of over 100+ gauges that replace all of the top keystroke commands with simple intuitive mouse-clicks or a simple finger press via touchscreen.  In just one single flight you will instantly see how for the first time ever you can conduct a whole flight without use of your keyboard.  SIMCore is incredibly useful and very user intuitive.   It’s something every single flight simmer should own!  In a word… IT’S AWESOME.


  • SIMCore has over 100+ gauges structured into 6 unique window panels that open / close individually and can be moved individually.
  • SIMCore allows for complete keyboard freedom by displaying all of the most common “core” commands on screen for mouse-click manipulation or via any touchscreen for full on  “device free” interaction.
  • SIMCore is a series of 6 windows that you add to any aircraft panel config file you desire and can easily copy/paste the data into any aircraft, both freeware and payware!
  • SIMCore completely changes the way you’ve flown for years and allows you to keep at least one hand on the yoke during the entire flight!  You can literally put the keyboard out of view for your entire flight!
  • SIMCore allows you to not have to always try and remember complex keystrokes! It lets you use the sim much more intuitively and much more quickly!
  • SIMCore also includes commands not even available via default keyboard assignments!


SimCore Purchase Beta Pack              $10.00 USD (Oct 2016)

*All Beta customers get free upgrades for life.

SimCore Purchase Final Pack              $20.00 USD (Dec 2016)

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SIMCore is currently in it’s v1.0 Beta Release and can be purchased for a limited time for just $10.  All future upgrades will be free for life for all customers who purchase SIMCore.  

SIMCore contains six different feature panels, all of which open and close individually and can be moved around or undocked to different monitors if desired.  The lowest Main Bar contains the most commonly used simulator interface commands.  The bar directly above it for Accessory Controls contains common aircraft commands and focuses on those which are not normally in the aircraft itself.  The remaining four panels are for Slew Controls, View-Camera-Eyepoint controls, a Multiplayer functions control panel, and lastly a Failures panel which can serve as a simple Instructor Operating Station.  The full array finally brings the true core of sim control right to your fingertips!

All the included gauges are currently fully functional but we will also be adding a final round of functionality and some expanded features over the next few months.  The final  release is planned for December 15th 2016 and at that time the cost for SIMCore will be increased to $20.   You can save 50% right now and buy it for life for just $10.   SIMCore is simply one of those few “must have” add-ons that absolutely every simmer needs to fly a sim the way it should be …in a world without a keyboard!

Click HERE to purchase today for just $10!  (normally $20)


SIMCore Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does SIMCore replace or repeat all cockpit functions? 

A - No, and we don’t want it to!  We want you to still fly aircraft just as you normally would and SIMCore actually helps you to do that more easily, more quickly, and more efficiently by displaying the most common “core interactive” functions that you normally use a keyboard for. 

Q - Will SIMCore work with any aircraft I already have?

A - Yes, and it should work well.  Currently you just have to install the gauge pack into your main Gauges folder (found in the simulators main “root folder” and then you add a block of code to any aircraft’s panel config file that you wish to use SIMCore with.   The code data is very easy to understand and thorough directions are provided.   If you find you really like SIMCore it only take’s about 2 minutes to add it to each aircraft in your collection. We have already included SIMCore in our Advanced C172S Panel set found HERE.  We also included an access button in the C172S virtual cockpit so that SIMCore can be used in both the 2D panel mode and the VC mode.  You can add this same feature to any other aircraft you desire!

Q – Will SIMCore affect my aircraft performance or frame rates?

A - This greatly depends on the age of your system but we seriously doubt it will noticeably affect performance or frame rates in any way even with all six windows open at the same time.  This is because they are all essentially simple toggle switches, not complex gauges like a GPS or radar for example.

Q - Can I put SIMCore on more than one computer if I own a few different versions or licenses of flight simulator?

A - For the casual user or home simmer we only allow you to use SIMCore on two instances of flight simulator.  This can be two instances on one computer or one instance on two computers such as a desktop and a laptop.  If you need a third instance you need to purchase an additional license.

For commercial customers such as a flight school or academy or gaming center, etc. the cost of licensing is $20 for each computer SIMCore is installed on.  This price can only be reduced if purchasing 50 licenses or more.  Regardless, the conditions for commercial association are one license purchase per computer.