Put simply, the Globetrekker GT-1000 is the greatest adventure you will ever take with your flight simulator.   All tours, adventures, and challenges are presented in a 10 chapter multi-colored Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  The GT-1000 contains all of the worlds most demanding and most challenging airports.  Each unique chapter contains hundreds of point-to-point hops all of which navigate you to the world’s most dangerous and most exciting airport runways..all 1000 of them!  While doing so it also weaves the airports together into very realistic area tours.  It took over two years of research and planning to come up with the most diverse and most unique world tours you will ever take with your flight simulator! 

Take the GT-1000 challenge and shake up your routine! 

– The in-depth research for the GT-1000 came from exploring countless flight simulation forums, real world piloting and aviation forums, as well as exhaustive research performed in both flight simulator 2004 and FSX all while consulting real world topography maps.  Each airport and runway in the GT-1000 was checked to make sure that it conformed with the overall theme of the GlobeTrekker. 

To describe the GT-1000 in one statement; It’s the journey of a lifetime!

GlobeTrekker Features:

– Each of the 10 tour chapters are tabbed for quickly accessing your favorite chapter or for revisiting an area hot spot of challenging airports!

– There are 6 different major World Tours which have you completely circumnavigate the entire globe while only visiting the worlds most challenging, most dangerous, and most fun airports!

(Can you say!)

– All major tours have also been broken down into hundreds of smaller “micro tours” which allows you to re-visit the best of the best airports in a particular area or region!

– All tours, large or small, will always (and purposefully) have you traverse the areas most highest terrain as well areas with water hazards or both.  Each tour always has you fly directly over the absolute highest peaks in any area.   Therefore each chapter is filled with very unique terrain challenges that provide the best site seeing you can experience!

( yes …no joke, prepare to become a mountain climbing tourist ! )

– All tours will often stop at airports that have runway obstacles or other unique challenges!  There could be large trees at the landing threshold or could be things like buildings close to the runway, or perhaps power lines or bridges on final approach! The list is long and the GT-1000 has them all!

– The last chapter of the GT-1000 is a cumulative list of the “Top 100 Hotspots” which is a short hit list of the absolute best of the best challenging airports from all other World Tours and Micro Tours!

– The final chapter also includes recreation of all the historical flights included in FS2004 (FS9) as well many other exciting challenges including many historic real world “emergency” flights! Prepare to sweat as your knuckles will never be whiter!

– There is also a specific chapter of high octane Jumbo Jet tours for the “big iron” as well a large section with the world’s top 100 most challenging IFR instrument approaches.  …Hooyah!

– All 10 chapters will test your mettle and piloting skills. The GT-1000 is not only a blast to use but will also make you a better pilot!  You will indeed be tested with every single tour as each one will reveal its own unique challenges!

– The GT-1000 also includes all airport ICAO data for each leg of every tour.  It includes: Runway Headings, Longest Runway, Surface Type, MSL Altitude, and even ILS Localizer freqs.!  All VFR and IFR pilots will be quite happy with the key airport information it provides.  

Flight sim training has never been this fun!

– The GT-1000 also includes a helpful pre-flight planning page and a pilot logbook page, both of which are in the same tour format for keeping precise track of all your adventures! It even includes a built in Time / Speed / Distance formula that can be quickly modified based on your selected aircraft’s known average groundspeed and will instantly tell you the time enroute for any tour leg based on the groundspeed entered for your aircraft!

– Also included is a very easy to understand 10 page PDF user manual which fully explains how to use the GT-1000. Some other fun extras are included too!

– The entire GlobeTrekker GT-1000 is simple to understand, is efficient to use, and certainly a blast to fly! Once you get hooked, you’ll never want to stop!

The GT-1000 is the most fun you will ever have with your flight sim …guaranteed!




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