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To add any item such as a DIY plan set to your Shopping Cart, please click on the corresponding button on the right side of this page to add that single item to your Cart.   If interested in purchasing a kit cockpit (bare-bones or RTA kit)  please contact us via email to discuss your goals and needs.  For all other items and DIY plans please use the “Add to Cart” buttons below.  

Press the Continue Shopping button while on the Cart Checkout page to get back to the website (this page) and then purchase other items via the other buttons.  If needed you can easily remove items or delete all items while in the cart.   Our cart requires that you pay via PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, please see the Purchase-Buy page for other payment options.

NOTE – Before adding things to your Cart we also recommend checking out the SPECIALS page first to see if you qualify for discounts or would like to increase your order to gain a discount.  For example; if you purchase the UGTAFS and a DIY Blueprint pack you will receive the GT-1000 for free (and therefore DO NOT need to select the GT-1000 button when checking out).  We will already know you ordered two or more items.  Also know that if you are purchasing a lot of items to take advantage of many bundled discounts we may just need to send you a payment invoice instead because our cart is not as sophisticated as we would like it to be.

NOTE – A postal shipping fee of $8 is automatically added to all DIY Cockpit Plan Set orders.  The ship fee applies for both USA and Foreign customers alike.  However, USA orders are sent via USPS Priority Mail (United States Postal Service).  Foreign mail (non USA) will arrive via your domestic postal service via USPS.  DIY Blueprint sets are printed on large format 18″ x 22″ architectural paper and are mailed in a 10″ x 13″ envelope.  DIY Builder Manuals and Project Photo Links are emailed to you.     

NOTE – Primary emailed items are mainly things such as the UGTAFS, In-Flight Bibles, Dual Yokes plans and GT-1000.    Please give us at least 24 hours to process your email order before sending any email inquiry.  Typically we always try to process email orders within 12 hours.  If it’s the weekend or we are really busy it may take up to 36 and rarely 48 hours to process an order. 

Lastly, if you would like to purchase any item NOT listed on this page such as any actual kit cockpit shell – (BareBones or RTA Kit) please send a purchase request email  to or  Depending on the cockpit model we will provide you with a sales brochure and preliminary contract.   We require that all purchases over $750 USD requires a more formal sales contract to protect you the customer and guarantee your order.   Digital Design Packages such as the CS-2 Pegasus requires a Sole User Digital Design Licensing Contract to be signed and returned via email and mail before documents are released to the customer.

UGTAFS Upgrade <1.9.5

Ultimate 88 IFR Guide

In Flight Bible 3 Pack


IFB Single Engine Bible

IFB Multi Engine Bible

Dual Yokes DIY Plans

DK-1 Katori DIY Pack

DK-2 Katana DIY Pack

CS-1 Stallion DIY Pack

CS-2 Pegasus Build Files

Airliner X DIY Pack