SimSamurai Accomplishments

Since beginning business several years ago we have sold thousands of copies of the now infamous UGTAFS technical manual. We have additionally sold thousands of DIY blueprint sets worldwide, the very first of which was an XS-1 print set sent to Tazmania of all places which is a very long, long way from San Diego California!  It was at that moment we knew the fun and joy of flight simulation is something that uniquely binds pilots of all races and religions and is something to be shared on a global scale.  From that point in time we have continued to slowly grow each year.

As of 2016 we have sold well over 100 kit cockpits, either Bare-Bones or RTA Kits, and have also helped thousands of other people to  optimize simulators they may have already had in the works or had only dreamed of building until they found us!   As always, we like to sell our own products but we have also helped people to use many other “home friendly” flight simulator products too.

While we have sold many kit cockpits to home consumers, most of whom are either hobbyists or are private or commercial pilots, we have also sold kits to several Jr. High and High Schools, a few Universities, and have also sold to or worked with several aviation Military Units in the USA and abroad.  The reality is that today’s modern PC and user friendly software has allowed advanced flight simulation to become much more affordable for everyone whether it be on a home consumer level or a more commercial level. 

While we would love to list every sale below, we don’t want to give out our full marketing list so here are just some of the professional clients we have worked for over the years.  

Old Dominion University Flight Simulation and Modeling Department

Various Jr. High and High Schools in the USA

A French Ambassador (in Paris France)

Several 727, 737, 757, 767 pilots for major airlines

Several Airbus pilots

Several corporate pilots

Several regional jet pilots

A few regional airlines around the world

A Canadian Fire Bombing group

A Canadian Helicopter Training Squadron

A custom design for a CH-53 helicopter trainer (for US Military)

Various other US Military Training Squadrons

…and more!

We deeply thank all of you for supporting SimSamurai Flight Simulation and for encouraging us to keep looking skyward each day!