The new StarLite is the final evolution of SimSamurai designs based off of a form follows function ideology.   In 2008 we introduced our very first cockpit intended for home use, the original XS-1 Sora.  Over time as the prices of LCDs became more affordable we  increased the size of this design to the AX-1 Astro, the AX-27 Astroliner, and now, the final AX-32 StarLite.  At each step we reexamined the design and looked how we could improve upon the concept.  While the first two models of this design set have now been decommissioned, only two shall remain and these shall be our last and final efforts for this unique and modern flight simulator design concept. 

The core feature of the AX-32 is that it can house up to six 32″ LCD widescreens in a panoramic arc for exterior visuals or can use up to three projectors instead. It is also designed to house three 24″ LCDs for the main instrument panel (as shown in images) or it can house a very realistic instrument panel from other cockpit equipment retailers as shown in pictures. Secondly, it can use a 17″ or 19″ LCD for the lower flight management/GPS system.  Either of these selections allow all gauges to be displayed in true 1:1 scale accuracy.  Furthermore, it can also house a 40″ LCD in the canopy’s overhead panel bay or can house any realistic tactile overhead panel (like that of a Boeing 737 or 747 or any Airbus for example). 

Another unique feature is that instrument panel section or “core control box” (CCB) is designed to remain together as one unit so that it easily disconnects from the walls and canopy if needed for maintenance or future relocation.  This allows for very easy maintenance of the instrument panel, yokes, rudder pedals, etc all without having to disassemble or move the entire cockpit structure to get to the key mechanicals of the panel.  Furthermore, the main panel deck section is specifically designed for easy mounting of the SimSamurai dual yokes design if desired.

Upgrade Notice: If you are a previous XS-1 or AX-1 customer you can email us with your name and customer ID (printed on your plan set) and we will provide you with a PDF that details how to modify your XS-1 or AX-1 with some of the new features of the AX-27 and AX-32 and the modification would only require 1 sheet of plywood.  If you are interested in a new AX-27 or AX-32 plan set we also offer them at a 25% discount for previous XS-1 / AX-1 customers.

The AX-32 can be built for only $100 more than the XS-1 (roughly $600 total) and gives you the added comfort of a modern airliner cockpit much like any Airbus or Boeing series of jets (727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777).  The instrument panel area dimensions are nearly identical in scale to all these aircraft and 32″ displays are very close in size to the actual front windows of many airliners.  While the slightly smaller AX-27 may be more suited for emulating regional jets or large general aviation turbo-props, the AX-32 StarLite is truly built for the heavy tin tube liners!


  • Completely modular design breaks down into 5 large sections for easy relocation in your home, school, or office.
  • Ergonomic design based on dimensions of real commercial jet aircraft cockpits. (Instrument panel width up to 65 inches)
  • Ability to easily remove instrument panel section (which may include dual yokes and rudders) from the sidewalls and canopy for greatest ease of general maintenance.
  • Has ability for up to 12 displays (4-6 for flight instruments and up to six 32″ LCDs for exterior views or just 4 x 32″ up front).
  • Main view is primarily designed for use with either four 32″ LCDs (or 1 to 3 overhead projectors)
  • Flight instrumentation can use 4 to 6 LCDs.   (3 for main panel, 1 for lower FMC / GPS & 1 for canopy overhead  panel up to 40″.  A 7th could be used on the Throttle Box.)
  • Designed to be placed close to projection wall for space constraints. Total required floor area is approximately 8′ x 8′.
  • Form follows function design which maximizes materials use.
  • Built using 5 sheets of high grade cabinet quality plywood.
  • Can be built using standard home construction tools.
  • Can house many other retail instrument panels.
  • Designed for two pilots to train together.
  • Fully enclosed detachable canopy.
  • Has storage ability and shelves.
  • Immersive sim environment.
  • Basic Dimensions of 8′w x 5′d x 6′-0″h


AX-32 DIY Plans Set             $37.00 USD

AX-32 Bare Bones Kit          $2,360.00 USD

AX-32 Completed RTA Kit    $3,460.00 USD

AX-32 Starlite

If you are having trouble viewing images please refresh your web browser! The new AX-27 Images will be on site within the week!


AX-32 (D-I-Y) Cockpit Blueprints Pack    $ 37.00 USD

  • Includes highly detailed plan and elevation drawings
  • Includes all templates and pattern cuts
  • Includes a step-by-step DIY builder manual
  • Includes a free 33 page carpentry guide you can grab HERE
  • Includes Imperial Standard to Metric Conversions
  • Includes photo slideshow links to aid in the DIY process
  • Full builder support by phone & email
  • All for a reasonable $37.00 plus shipping! ($ 10 or $ 12)

To purchase the AX-32 DIY Pack see the PURCHASE-BUY page


Aside from purchasing the DIY Blueprints Pack (see above) SimSamurai also offers Ready To Assemble kit cockpits. 

All RTA kits are offered in two core options; a Bare Bones Kit or RTA Complete Kit.

You can learn more by visiting the SIM FLIGHT SYSTEMS page.

AX-32 Bare Bones Kit    $ 2,360.00 USD 

The AX-32 Bare Bones kit includes all wood, screws, bolts, brackets, and templates necessary for full project assembly and will include assembly tutorial videos that accompany the builder manual to help you assemble the flight simulator cockpit.  The Bare Bones kit comes with all plywood pieces, stick lumber, and skin parts pre-drilled, but all parts are for the most part un-sanded and unpainted.

All parts of the AX-32 BareBones kit are first cut on a precision CnC computerized router machine using high grade cabinet quality hardwood laminates and hardwood composite material (never cheap MDF or particle board)..but top grade hardwood plywoods.  The AX-32 BareBones package is made of professional quality materials and is made to high grade furniture quality specifications. 

To purchase the AX-32 BareBones Kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page

AX-32 Completed RTA Kit    $ 3,460.00 USD

The Ready to Assemble (RTA) package of the SimSamurai AX-32 StarLite flight deck takes all of your cutting, drilling, sanding, banding, and painting out of the equation.  The RTA kit comes complete with all materials and hardware necessary for full assembly and will only require that you have the most simple tools available such as a drill, some screwdrivers, and a small socket set. All parts of the AX-32 RTA kit are pre-cut on a precision C-N-C computerized router machine using professional level high grade cabinet quality hardwood laminates and hardwood composite material such as A grade birch or maple plywood. (Not cheap MDF or particle board!) The AX-32 RTA package is made of professional quality materials and is made to high grade furniture quality specifications. 

The AX-32 Complete RTA kit includes all screws, bolts, brackets, and templates necessary for full project assembly and will include several assembly tutorial videos that accompany the builder manual to help you assemble the flight simulator station in a professional manner within a day.  As with all our products, we design with future upgradeability and expandability in mind.  You will be able to set up the AX-32 exactly as we do or you can install a pre-made instrument panel from many other “pro sim” retailers instead.

The frame work is painted in “Charcoal Metallic” which is a deep grey satin finish with silver metallic accents. The exterior skin is painted silver / aluminum, and the interior skin comes in Battleship Grey.  For another $500 you can option to have the exterior skin made completely out of .032 gauge aircraft aluminum.

As with all kit cockpit purchases, we offer free building and assembly advice (during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time).  Please know we are always here to help if you need any added assistance!

To purchase the AX-32 RTA Kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page


Aluminum Instrument Panel Option ($ 320 or $ 545)

In addition to the cockpit you can also purchase a fully customized aluminum instrument panel overlay.   You can choose to use the 3 LCDs approach like we do (with center monitor in portrait mode) or we can custom design the panel specifically to fit your personal needs. The instrument panel is 5mm (.125″) aircraft grade aluminum and is precision cut on a CNC water jet system.   For a total of $545 the top of the panel will come complete with a rubberized  dash/glare-shield.  The aluminum panel and glare shield is a great way to finish out your cockpit and make it look very  professional.  If ordering a BareBones kit, the cost is reduced %12.

Interior Window Frames with Aluminum Cap Trim Option 

($ 150 per frame and up to four available)

The upper side wall window frames are made to provide a “window-like” appearance when seated in the cockpit.  Each frame is constructed of 3/4″ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and are cut via C-n-C router machine.  Again, much like with the aluminum overlay panel, the upper window frame cutout sizes must first be determined by the actual monitors used by the customer.  The central window frame cutouts are determined by the exact perimeter size of the monitor (without stand) and is determined by both the exterior bezel width and height as well the exact screen width and height of just the LCD screen itself.  Once cut, the frame receives a final sanding and is then painted with two coats of grey primer and then 3 textured topcoats in choice of medium grey or sand tan.  Also included with each window frame is the 2.5 inch front frame support (windowsill) and to finish things out the window frame front edge is capped with 1.5″ L channel aluminum which has been haze polished to a smooth luster.

Real Aluminum Exterior Skin Panels Option  

($ 500 for two side exterior panels, $ 350 for overhead canopy)

By default, all cockpit exterior panels are made with 1/8″  painted fiberboard or White, Grey, or Black ABS plastic. (unpainted fiberboard for BareBones purchasers)  For complete RTA kit purchases the exterior is painted silver while the interior is primed white then painted in a choice of Boeing style medium grey or sand tan.  You can instead option to have these panels made in real .032 gauge 6061 aluminum skin if desired and all holes come pre-drilled for immediate installation.

Rolling Castor Wheels Option  

($ 140 – for 14 wheels and 56 screws)

By default, both the BareBones and RTA kits come without wheels but do include 3.5″ x 3.5″ wood standoff blocks where the wheels would typically be located. This added height is a necessity of the design for proper yoke height in relation to the pilots. Installation of 360 degree rotational castor wheels allows the entire cockpit to be more mobile if it is ever required that the cockpit be moved around or relocated.   The wheels used are high quality 3″ polyurethane wheels with lubricated ball bearings for life longevity.


Average shipping cost in USA for the base AX-27 model is $ 350 to $ 450 depending on your location.  European ship costs can average from $700 to $1200 depending on your location in the world and proximity to a major city with a major airport or seaport.  Average ship weight for the AX-32 is 350 lbs.  The AX-32 is shipped in two large boxes for both the Bare Bones kit or Completed RTA kit.

Whether you order a set of the DIY plans, or a BareBones kit, or a fully completed RTA kit, we always offer free builder advice for all flight simulator cockpit customers via email or phone (during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time).  Please know that we are here to help if you need advice or added assistance!