As you may have noticed, as of fall 2015 we have been updating all products here at SimSamurai.  This includes reviewing our cockpit designs a final time to add any additional features we may have thought of over time and are including all new images and renderings of our 3D models.  

For the time being, we are placing the HX-1, XS-1, and LX-1 in a “Hangar” status while they undergo review, repair, and updates.  These will be attended to after we do the same for all other currently showcased designs.    The new DCP, DK-1, DK-2, CS-1, CS-2 and Airliner X are fully completed and are currently offered in their final 2.0 editions.  We are simply updating their images and sales media over December to February 2016.

Please know that if you are interested in purchasing any retired design or design “in the hangar” they are still available for purchase as will be seen at the bottom of the Purchase Page product legend. All “hangar” designs are still great designs and are complete, we just don’t plan to review them for awhile nor update their images for awhile.   So until we do, we are offering them at a reduced price of $27 (+8 shipping).   Therefore if you want to order the HX-1 Habu, XS-1 Sora, AX-1 Astro, or AX-27 Astroliner you still can! 

Therefore, if interested in anyhangar design please feel free to check out via the Shopping Cart page and if you want, you can also shoot us an email to express interest in any of our old designs on new ones we may have planned for the future.  Please let us know as this helps light the fires to get these designs back in regular service.  We would also love to hear our customers thoughts and ideas since 2016 is the final year all SimSamurai designs and products will be updated. As of 2017 SimSamurai will cease cockpit productions and will no longer continue to offer new products.  We will remain in business but are scaling back our level of business to professional clients only.

Regardless, we will have all designs and products fully retro-fitted and updated by the end of summer 2016.   And please don’t forget that your purchase today of any cockpit design or product is indeed a guarantee that you will get the final edition and not any current or old edition!  Since all updates and changes are very minor, it does not take long for us to effect these upgrades.

Thank you for your interest and patience! 

Send all email inquiry and feedback to: