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For those of us who still want to fly 2D instrument panel sets either in addition to Virtual Cockpits (VCs), or just 2D sets by themselves, SImSamurai has created an all new set of larger, much more iconic “Sim Icons” for you to download for just $5 or get them free with any total purchase over $50.

In the past we have always been limited to those few small grey squares which open and close other panels or “windows” of the 2D instrument panel.   Unfortunately these were built in the FS2000 era of flight simulation and for whatever reason they have remained unchanged including their inclusion in the latest edition of Prepar3D too!  We knew it was time for a change for several reasons.

The dated SimIcons 640 and 1024 cab files which are located in your main Gauges folder of FS2004, FSX, FSXse, and Prepar3D contain these old, out-dated gauges which are very small in pixel size (typically 19×19) and therefore when used and enlarged on modern day displays with HD resolutions they look even more pixelated than they already were.   Secondly, many of these gauges overlap in their functionality meaning several of them look very similar if not identical and worse yet, many of them share the exact same numerical “ident” values which typically range from 0 to 270.  

In case you didn’t already know, each one of these little gauges have a built in numerical ID and this value is what is used in the ident= section of any given window in an aircraft’s Panel config file.  Therefore the corresponding value of the SimIcon in relation to the same value used in the ident= section is what allows these little gauges to open and close the various panels / windows of any instrument panel set.  You can learn more on how all this works in the SimSamurai UGTAFS chapter on panel design.

Because the original icons are both limited in size and their value ranges it often makes them frustrating for any panel set builder to use.   With the SimSamurai icons we totally re-engineered these gauges for HD standards, making them over 50×50 pixels in size and have assigned each one a totally unique ident value ranging from 275 to 300 which is just past the original value range.  In turn, this still allows you to continue using the old style of icons if desired in conjunction with our new SImSamurai Icons. 

Perhaps the best part is each one now truly looks like the function it represents.  Just one look at the icon and you will instantly know what it should open such as a VFR Landing Panel, or Overhead Panel, or a Sub Switch Panel, etc.  We also went a step further and added  additional gauges for helicopters and military aircraft.  We included various options for avionics, MFDs, Heads Up Display, Radars, etc.   We’ve also included a new Pause switch and Parking Brake switch that can allow you to quickly access these functions without having to open other panels or use the keyboard.  Even more of these unique features are also included in our new SimCore Interface.

In some cases we chose to retain original / default ident values but only did so for the most common items such as the ATC popup, Checklist popup, default GPS popup, Avionics popup and things of this nature which are native to MSFS Flight Simulator and ESP.  Therefore if supplementing any old 2D panel set with the SimSamurai Icons the transition will be easy and intuitive with minimal headache and in most cases they can be swapped in without any issues at all.  Once you start using these we know you will love them as much as we do.  As we have always said at SimSamurai…it’s time to move Onward, Upward…and Beyond!

To install the new SimSamurai Icons set all you need to do is download the file pack then cut and paste the SimIcons-SimSamurai CAB file into your flight simulators main Gauges folder.  That’s it! To use them you will either need to use something like FSPanelStudio or you can also hand edit any aircraft’s panel config file(s) as you desire to replace the old icon gauge names with names from the SimIcons-SimSamurai cab file.  Simply find the name(s) of the old icon(s) you wish to replace and then substitute their names with the exact chosen names of the Simsamurai Icons.

Below is an example of changing out the default ATC icon, Kneeboard icon, and GPS icons for the new SimSamurai icons.  In these three cases the ident values remain native so you will only have to switch out the gauge names and will not have to do anything else.  Only with the others, which have ident values different from the originals will this matter as was explained in the last paragraph.   See the master list at right for the exact gauge names and ident values of the new SimSamurai Icons!

gauge00=SimIcons!ATC Icon, 66,255

gauge01=SimIcons!Map Icon, 90,255

gauge02=SimIcons!GPS Icon, 102,255

with change of…

gauge00=SimIcons-SimSamurai!ATC Icon, 66,255,50,50

gauge01=SimIcons-SimSamurai!Map Icon, 90,255,50,50

gauge02=SimIcons-SimSamurai!GPS Icon, 102,255,50,50

The 50,50 is the size of the icon (50 pixel x 50 pixel) but if wanting these smaller (or larger) just reference the size of other similar icon gauges in the panel and use those values instead (like 20,20 or 35,35, etc).  The first two number sets (such as 60,255) are always the X and Y position (location) of where the gauge is placed on the panel.  These values always start from the top left of the panel.  For example if the virtual instrument panel size is 1920 x 1080 pixels and you wanted to place the gauge right in the middle of the screen the first two values would be something like 960, 540 (both half of 1920 and 1080) and the gauges top left corner would be set on this point. So the gauge would not be exactly centered on the panel, just the top left point of it.

Lastly, take note that you will need to repeat the editing process with each window in the panel config that you want to use the new icons with and secondly, if using these you may also need to change the ident= value on any one or several panel windows within the config file as each [window] section within a panel config file opens a different window/panel.  For example, if the old original overhead icon has an ident of 250 and you are replacing it with the SimSamurai Overhead icon which has an ident of 270, then your overhead panel section in the panel config file must also have it’s ident= value changed to the new value.  However, take note that our new gauge is actually 250 too but this is not the case for many others as most often they will differ from originals.  Only the most commonly used icons share the same values as the old originals to help you with making easier change outs.

It’s really rather simple to edit the panel config file and again, our UGTAFS goes into great detail of how to make these edits as well how to build entirely new panel sets.  All config file edits can quickly be done by hand via simple text editing in Windows Notepad.  Lastly, always perform these edits with the sim closed and then open and test the sim.  In most cases you can perform config file edits while flying another aircraft and then switch back, just never actually edit any file data of an aircraft you have currently selected nor are currently flying!


  • Over 42 new and unique gauges for 2D instrument panel creation.  Absolutely great for anyone to use!
  • Each gauge has it’s own unique internal ident value to make it easy for any single panel set to have many windows if desired without hassles of using duplicate gauges of the past.
  • Each gauge has it’s own unique mouseover / tooltip that lets you know exactly what it does before pressing the button.
  • Each gauge is sized 50×50 pixels, over twice as large as the old SimIcons640 / SimIcons1024 cabs. You can of course size them however you wish, but 50 x 50 is optimal for easy mouse clicks and touchscreen use!
  • Also includes 6 new icons for creating gauge cover windows for hiding the main “6-pack” gauges in general aviation aircraft.  This is a crucial feature for the instrument rating where you must learn how to fly the plane with some gauges inoperative. See our new free Cessna 172 Panel Set HERE. 


SimSamurai Icons           $5 or free with any purchase over $50!

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SimSamurai SimICONS

To purchase the new HD SimIcons gauge set as a stand-alone pack for $5 please add it to your cart on the purchase page or receive them free with any total purchase over $50.  To learn about what these are and how to use them please read all of the details and instructions on the left side of this page and reference the picture below.  You can right-click on the picture, select Save Image As and save it to your FS File Library for later use.  

You will need to know the exact gauge names and ident values whenever using this gauge pack with other panel sets that you wish to create or modify.  If you have further questions about panel use, panel modification or panel design please purchase the SimSamurai UGTAFS as we will not answer email questions about how to use this freeware package and certainly cannot explain all you need to know via email support.  That’s why we wrote a book that fully explains all the facets of flight sim integration.

As the saying goes..”When all else fails, the manual!”

Current Revision  V1.0 September 10th 2016.  

If we ever update this package it will be noted here and in the included Read Me file contained within the download zip file.  They are however refined to a point that future updates will likely be unnecessary.