Take your flight simulator or real aircraft to the next level of professionalism by ordering a customized aircraft grade aluminum instrument panel overlay.  We have ready made designs for all of our sim cockpits or can easily create a new design fully customized to your needs.   Because we use real aircraft grade aluminum, these can also be used in real aircraft too, not just flight simulators. 

Based on your personal needs, SimSamurai will create a custom design that will accommodate your current LCD monitors and tactile equipment such as the control yoke, throttle, and radios. We can also suggest unique designs that will help future-proof your growing flight simulator’s needs. Prices for instrument panels range from $360 for a basic blank “bare-bones” type panel up to $2,500 for a panel equipped with monitors and various wired switches, accessories, etc.

Each panel is made of high quality 1/8″ thick aircraft grade aluminum with holes drilled where necessary to attach the panel to reinforcement bracing on the bottom and sides and includes holes at the top for attachment of a glare shield.  Each panel is designed to exacting specifications down to 1/64th of an inch (less than 1mm accuracy) and once completed the panel receives a fine 600 grit polishing and protective clear coat for lasting quality or if desired, the panel can also be powder coated. 

Once you have settled on a design for your cockpit, the flight simulator instrument panel will be fabricated and delivered within 6 weeks time from date your order. 

Prices for a basic panel as shown at right start at an extremely affordable $360.  For an added fee of $200 you can add on a 1.25″ thick x 4.00″ standoff glare shield made of solid wood which is covered in a thick hard rubberized material which gives a look and feel accurate to most every real aircraft.  If you wish for us to fabricate and attach brackets for monitors, include monitors, switches, toggles, etc, the prices will increase based on final complexity of the panel.

The exampled customer panel at right allows for a large 22″ 16:9 widescreen LCD for display of either General Aviation virtual gauge instrumentation or can display any commercial jet PFD / EADI and Nav Display / EHSI.  The rectangular cutouts at lower left are intended for the GoFlight SESM and Toggle unit while the large horizontal rectangle under the main display is made to house a flight yoke from Precision Flight Controls.

The centralized vertical Radio Stack cutout can house an additional 6 units as well the GoFlight EFIS module and MCP Autopilot located at the top and top right.  Lastly, a 15″ LCD cutout at far right can serve dual purpose as a CoPilot display or GPS navigation touch-screen.  Below this monitor are 2 more cutouts to accommodate even more modules from GoFlight. This maximized usage brings the total 2″ module availability to 12 possible combinations. 

As you can see, a panel like this instantly provides the ultimate experience as it is designed to accommodate basic general aviation flight instrumentation as well as any large jumbo jet aircraft.  Use it for flying a Cessna 172 or strap on the gigantic Airbus A380.

Don’t forget that SimSamurai also designs many custom virtual panel sets (VIPs) for LCD monitors which can be found on the Samurai Panel Design page.

Get real … get airborne!

To purchase a custom Aluminum Panel Overlay please see pricing on the PURCHASE page.  Standard pricing for a basic panel is $360 (blank) or $560 with a 4″ rubberized glare shield. Please contact us at simsamurai@gmail for more information regarding all panel accessory options.