A Habu (pronounced “hah-BOO“) is a venomous snake found in southeast Asia (Japan, Phillipines, Taiwan, southeast China).

There are almost a dozen species of Habu; the variety native to the island of Okinawa Japan (Trimeresurus okinavensis) is supposedly greenish or greenish-yellow; however, all Habus are extremely rare in North America (less than a dozen specimens in all zoos combined) and photographs are very hard to come by.

When the United States Air Force / C.I.A. operated Lockheed A-12s (and later the now infamous dual seat SR-71 Blackbirds) they were first flown to their new remote base at Kadena AFB in Okinawa. The local people thought that this strange and somewhat wicked-looking airplane was shaped like the local Habu snake.  They started calling it the Habu airplane, and later just Habu.  Crews who flew the airplane were also called Habu, and the namesake came to be recognized with the blackbird program and was soon incorporated into various insignia patches worn by the crews on their uniforms.

While the name for this SimSamurai cockpit design pays homage to aviation history, the Habu’s “habutat” pod concept design is much more versatile in its role and can perform outside the scope of secret reconnaissance missions.

The HX-1 is almost identical in size, structure, and layout of it’s similar counterpart the CS-1 Stallion.   And while easily able to fit two pilots side by side,  The HX-1 design is more purposefully intended to be outfitted as a single seat military jet fighter or can also be uniquely used as a helicopter trainer. 

In either case, the interior dimensions of 41″ (inside wall frame to inside wall frame) can allow for 1 or 2 pilots and will allow for installation of any general aviation instrument panel such as Cessna 172/182/210 who’s panel width is 40″.  We however, would likely recommend the HX-1 for single seat use with a single large 32″ display for virtual 2D and 3D panel sets and would undoubtedly conduct our first flight in the SR-71 blackbird.

That’s just how we roll.

As with the DK-1 and DK-2 the 2015 re-fit of the Habu plan set now includes many of the same accessory features and also includes the same LCD Bonnet option of the CS-1. These are:

-Height adjustable main deck to accommodate various LCDs

-Height adjustable Side Control Decks for fighter type HOTAS

-Height adjustable Control Yoke Deck for central yoke mountings

-Central Keyboard and Mouse deck mounting options

-Doors / No doors option for Side or Rear entry

-LCD Bonnet which can hold three 32″ LCDs (or smaller)

-LCD Bonnet is easily removable for use with projection


  • Completely immersive flight simulator cockpit enclosure. 
  • Just add your favorite chair and hardware / software!
  • Can be used for any sim software platform; FS2004, FSX, P3D, X-Plane, Hawk, IL2, DCS Blackshark, Lock On, etc.
  • Perfect sim cockpit for DCS World or any other fighter type flight simulation platform.
  • Perfect gamer sim cockpit for LOMAC A-10 Lock On Modern Air Combat and Modern Air Combat Flaming Cliffs 2
  • Perfect for ultimate reality training simulators such as the VRS F-18 SuperBug for FSX / P3D!
  • Specifically engineered for users with widescreen LCD’s and
  • Matrox Triple Head 2 Go or ATI Eyefinity systems.
  • Perfect interior width for installing panel hardware such as the Prop Cockpit Trainer from VRinsight.
  • Sturdy enough that it can be converted into a 3 or 6 DOF full motion simulator if ever desired.
  • Contains configuring adjustment options for installing a small overhead panel or LCD monitor.
  • Can house up to a single 32″ widescreen for main flight instrumentation.
  • Can house one 24″ main monitor with 1 or 2 smaller side touchscreen monitors..or,
  • Can house main 24″ monitor and up to 10 units of 7″ x 2″ avionics equipment.
  • Can house up to eight (8)  22″ widescreen monitors in total.
  • Many builder options based on your personal height / width.
  • Side pop out options for accommodating 27 inch monitors.
  • Side arm panels for installing HOTAS style equipment.
  • Main panel has specific room for GoFlight products.
  • Options for 1 door, 2 doors and or rear hatch entry.
  • Once built the HX-1 can be easily disassembled.
  • Has room for 1 tower PC and 1 rack mount PC.
  • Uses ergonomic proportional design theory.
  • Option for floor LCD for helicopter pilots.
  • Can be built in 6-8 weekends for $350.
  • Extremely efficient use of materials.
  • Full ADA handicap accessibility.
  • Modular walls for ease of assembly.
  • Modular walls for ease of dis-assembly!
  • Approximate footprint of 6.5ft long x 4ft wide.


HX-1B DIY Plans Set               $24.00 USD

HX-1B Bare Bones Kit            $1,375.00 USD 

HX-1B Completed RTA Kit      $2,535.00 USD


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HX-1 DIY Cockpit Blueprints Pack   $ 24.00 USD

  • Includes highly detailed plan and elevation drawings
  • Includes all templates and pattern cuts, etc.
  • Includes a step-by-step DIY builder manual
  • Includes a free 33 page guide to carpentry you can grab HERE
  • Includes Imperial Standard to Metric Conversions
  • Includes photo slideshow links to aid in the DIY process
  • Full builder support by phone & email
  • All for a reasonable $24.00 plus shipping! ($8)

To purchase the HX-1 DIY Pack see the PURCHASE-BUY page


Aside from purchasing the DIY Bluprints pack (see above) SimSamurai also offers Ready To Assemble kit cockpits. 

All RTA kits are offered in two core options; a Bare Bones Kit or RTA Complete Kit.

You can learn more by visiting the SIM FLIGHT SYSTEMS page.

HX-1 Bare Bones Kit – $ 1,375 USD

The HX-1 Bare Bones kit consists of all the materials and hardware necessary for full project completion. This includes lumber for the base platform, monitor decks, wall-frames, and exterior skin. All material is pre cut for you which includes all the framework as well all exterior skin panels for the walls, two side doors, roof, and front engine cowling. The wall frame members are also planed smooth so that they will be ready for paint by you. All the exterior skin is pre-drilled but the framework members are simply marked for you to drill and assemble.  A drill guide (as shown in builder tips videos) is also included to help you speed up this process.  Therefore with the barebones kit you will only have to drill where marked on the frame, then paint the frame and skin, and then assemble the cockpit.  The DIY builder manual is included. Lastly, you will have to pay for shipping (and only actual shipping charges apply). You can learn more by visiting the DIY Flight Systems page.

To purchase the HX-1 Barebones Kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page.

HX-1 Completed RTA Kit – $ 2,535 USD

The HX-1 Ready To Assemble RTA kit will be a full painted unit.  All parts are professionally pre-drilled and pre-assembled for you. The main two walls and doors will come in three large bicycle style boxes and all skin panels will be pre-attached to the wall frames.  The complete HX-1 RTA kit can be assembled in your home in less than an hour.  The plywood base platform and interior wall skin is colored a Cessna styled medium grey. The wall frames themselves are colored a “black galaxy” which is essentially a dark bronze / charcoal metallic.  The exterior skin will be painted with a customer option choice of pure silver or white metallic (white gloss with silver accent).  All paint is oil based for saturation longevity and to give you that real aircraft smell. You can learn more by visiting the DIY Flight Systems page.

To purchase the HX-1 RTA Kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page.


Aluminum Instrument Panel Option – ($ 275 or $ 475 USD)**

In addition to a cockpit you can also purchase a fully customized aluminum instrument panel overlay.  We will custom design the panel specifically to fit your personal equipment needs. The instrument panel is 5mm (.125″) aircraft grade aluminum and is precision cut on a CNC water jet system.   For an additional $200 the top of the panel will come complete with a dash/glare-shield made of quality hard rubberized material which gives it a very realistic look and feel.  The aluminum panel is a great way to make your cockpit look even more professional!

**As a bonus : For all BareBones or RTA kit customers we will reduce the cost of the panel and dash option by 10% off.


Average shipping cost in USA for the base model is $250 to $350 depending on your location. Average ship weight for the HX-1 is 315 lbs.  The HX-1 will come in three large boxes regardless of purchase of the Bare Bones kit or Completed RTA kit. Once in hand you will need a small socket set and screw driver to complete the final assembly which will typically take one or two hours.

Whether you order a set of the DIY plans, or a Bare Bones kit, or even a fully completed RTA kit, we always offer free builder advice for all flight simulator cockpit customers via email or phone (during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time).  Please know that we are here to help if you need further advice or added assistance!