The horse of mythology has arrived.   The new CS-2 is a curvaceous upgrade to our very popular CS-1 Stallion design.   While the footprint and overall size remains very similar, the CS-2 stands apart in that it is considered more suitable for commercial use. 

Like the CS-1, it’s cabin size is very close to that of many Cessna general aviation aircraft, in this case the world renowned Cessna 210.   The cabin gives an accurate feel with ideal ergonomics, yet remains comfortable with enough elbow room for long cross country adventures.   The ceiling is also high enough to accommodate pilot’s up to 6′-4″ (193cm) comfortably. 

The CS-2 is offered in both BareBones kit options as well fully completed RTA and Pro-Line turn key options with all hardware.  For the DIY “home builder” however, the main caveat for the CS-2 is that it is only offered as a DIY kit for those few folks who have access or can gain access to a CnC (computerized milling) facility.   

Due to the curvaceous nature of the doors, windows, and the front cowling and hood, there is no way this model can ever be built using typical home tools in the way most of our other cockpit models can be (such as the CS-1 Stallion).   Therefore purchase of the CS-2 Pegasus is primarily limited to those who either wish to purchase a BareBones kit option, an RTA kit option, or a ProLine option.  

For those few folks who have access to a CnC machining facility, the CS-2  DIY “home build” kit option includes all of the actual digital design files which can immediately be used with any CnC toolpathing software of your choice and includes a very extensive DIY builder manual as well 19 folders of pictures taken during the entire construction process.  In order to use the included design files you will need a 2D CAD program and or just the toolpathing software for creating the cut files that can be used by your CnC machine of choice.  Because everyone’s machine will be different, we do not provide our own toolpathing files, only the design files.

Once again, for the DIY crowd, all design files are included so that you can create the necessary toolpathing files for cutting out all  pieces (save for some vertical wall supports  / roof / rear wall, etc) from 6 sheets of high quality plywood.   Two of the six sheets must be 1″ thick for the main walls which contain the doors and window frames.  As can be seen, the windows also include real Lexan plastic for the ultimate in realism.    Every design file comes with it’s own Read-Me text file and each tells you every last detail required for cuts to be made by CnC or by hand.

Lastly, all DIY purchasers must first sign and return a Sole User Licensing Agreement (SULA) which assigns a build number and allows for building just one CS-2 Pegasus cockpit.  This is necessary due to the sensitive nature of providing our proprietary designwork in a fully digital realm.  These are in fact “the keys to the safe” so to speak.  Therefore strict user licensing is required.

Other key options include two different cowling lengths to choose from as well two exterior skin options of either ABS plastic or real Aluminum.   Never before has the world seen a cockpit like this which accurately reflects the size, shape, and feel of a real aircraft while also having all the functional necessities that a flight simulator requires, all while not sacrificing any quality of materials or craftsmanship.  The CS-2 Pegasus has reared it’s head skyward and is ready for flight.


  • Ergonomic design based on real general aviation aircraft cockpit dimensions such as the Cessna 210 single / 310 twin.
  • Has ability to use up to 7 displays (2 for instrument panel and 3 to 5 for exterior views).
  • Can house up to three 32″ LCDs for exterior visuals.
  • Can house up to two 24″ LCDs for instrument panel.
  • Main “Out of Window” view is designed for 3 monitors via MTH2Go, ATI Eyefinity, NVidia or 1 to 3 projector(s).
  • Designed to be put close to projection wall for space constraints. (or use the LCD Bonnet with 3 LCDs)
  • A new “function follows form” design which helps to keep total material costs as low as possible (~$1000).
  • For DIY Builders – Must be cut via CnC Machining.
  • Can house GA sim panels from SimKits or VRInsight.
  • Can house GA avionics from GoFlight or Saitek.
  • Can house a GA panel from virtually any retailer.
  • Designed for two pilots to train together.
  • Can house the largest HPTC PC tower.
  • Can install dual mechanical yokes.
  • Can install dual mechanical rudders.
  • Easy to relocate in home or office.
  • Breaks down into modular sections.
  • Totally Immersive sim environment.
  • Basic dimensions are 50″w x 80″l x57″h
  • Base support frame adds 12″ of height


CS-2 DIY Plans Set              $60.00 USD

CS-2 Bare Bones Kit          *$3,440.00 USD 

CS-2 Completed RTA Kit    *$7,350.00 USD

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The CS-2 Pegasus is offered as several purchase options.  You can purchase the DIY Builder Blueprint pack or purchase the CS-2 in two basic builder kit options of a Bare-Bones kit or a fully finished RTA – Ready To Assemble kit.   Below the base kit options are five other accessory options and upgrades to select from.  Please read through all options as there are many ways to customize your CS-2 Pegasus.

We also offer Proline service options for a full turn-key cockpit complete with PC, flight controls, seats, etc. Please send us an email to receive more information as we prefer to tailor each cockpit to the customers exact needs and requirements.

You can learn more about our builder options by visiting the DIY Flight Systems page.

CS-2 DIY Cockpit Blueprints Pack   $60.00 USD

  • Includes full digital download DIY package
  • Includes highly detailed plan and elevation drawings
  • Includes drawings for the LCD Bonnet enclosure
  • Includes drawings for the Mobile Base Frame
  • Includes a step-by-step DIY builder manual
  • Includes a free 33 page carpentry guide you can grab HERE
  • Includes Imperial Standard to Metric Conversions
  • Includes photo slideshow links to aid in the DIY process
  • Includes full builder support by phone & email
  • All for a professionally priced $60.00 (and no ship fee)

To purchase the CS-2 DIY Pack see the PURCHASE-BUY page.

Please send all inquiry email to simsamurai@gmail.com to receive the Sole User License Agreement (SULA). This is an agreement which must be signed due to the sensitive nature of these digital design documents. The SULA must be completed and returned before we email you the CS-2 DIY package.

CS-2 Bare-Bones Kit – $3,440  to  $3,940 USD

The CS-2 Bare-Bones base kit consists of all the materials and hardware necessary for full project completion.  This includes all core framework, hardware, and ABS plastic exterior skin panels for the walls, two side doors, roof, and front engine cowling.  All framework and skin is pre-cut via high precision CnC machining.  You also have an upgrade option available at the higher cost to have the skin made of .032 gauge aluminum.

After cutting the frame members they are sanded smooth so that they will be ready for paint by you.  We then pre-drill all remaining frame parts on a drill press such as the roof frame, rear wall, and other stick frame supports in the front of the cockpit.   Lastly, the two door window frames are pre-routered to receive the Lexan window inserts.  

The $500 upgrade cost is for the higher priced premium option of real Aluminum skin.  If choosing this upgrade the aluminum skin will come pre-drilled and ready to assemble.  If you also wish for us to polish and wax the skin, the fee is an additional $500 because it takes an extra 4 days time. 

To purchase the CS-2 BareBones kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page.

CS-2 Completed RTA Kit   $7,350  to  $8,420 USD

The CS-2 Ready To Assemble (RTA) kit is a fully painted unit ready for immediate assembly by the customer.  All main frame parts are professionally cut via CnC machining.  Other remaining parts are professionally drill on a drill press and many sections come pre-assembled for you.

The main two walls and doors come in a single box, while the base frame and all cowling framework comes in a second larger box. The main walls and doors have their skin pre-attached and all other skin must be attached by the customer but can be done within an hours time using a cordless drill.  All skin panels are pre-drilled for you.

All framework parts are painted in our custom mixed oil based paint for lasting longevity.  The color is our standard  “metallic charcoal”. 

The base price includes the skin as white 2mm ABS plastic which has a light texture on the exterior surface or you can choose the premium upgrade of authentic “life lasting” .032 gauge aluminum which is haze polished then waxed to perfection.

  To purchase the CS-2 RTA Kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page.


As a bonus for kit cockpit customers we will reduce the cost of each option by 10% if all 5 available upgrades are purchased either as Bare or Completed. (Bonnet, Panel, Aluminum Skin, Steel Frame, and Mobile Base)

CS-2  LCD Bonnet Enclosure Option

LCD Bonnet option costs are $420 or $540 USD.

As shown in the photos, the CS-2 design includes the option of the easily removable LCD Bonnet enclosure which can house up to three 32″ widescreen LCDs for the main exterior visuals (or 4 smaller LCDs.  The Bonnet is made of high quality birch plywood, vertical frame members, and is wrapped in 2mm black ABS plastic.   

The Bare-Bones LCD Bonnet kit option is $420 and it comes completely pre-drilled for you. Only the painting of the base, top, and vertical supports will be required.  For the fully painted and complete RTA Bonnet option (which is pre-drilled & painted) the cost is $540.  Both options include the plywood decks, solid wood framework, all assembly hardware, and black ABS plastic skin which covers the face and rear side of the bonnet.

CS-2  Instrument Panel Option

Instrument panel option costs are $420 or $580 USD.

In addition to a cockpit shell kit you can also purchase a fully customized aluminum instrument panel.  We custom design the panel specifically to fit your personal equipment needs or you can choose from any of our stock designs. The instrument panel is made of 5mm (.125″) 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and is precision cut on a CNC water jet system.   The higher priced option includes a dash/glare-shield made of high quality hard rubberized material which gives it a very realistic look and feel.  The instrument panel is a great way to give the cockpit a very professional appearance and allows for more immediate use with your equipment on hand.

CS-2  Aluminum Skin Upgrade

Aluminum skin option costs are $800 or $1380 USD.

Real .032 gauge aluminum sheeting can also be selected for an added cost of $1,380 or as a “bare” option for $800.  The premium option comes polished and waxed, the bare option leaves final finishing up to you.   For the premium option, after cutting the skin is sandblasted, then haze polished with 3 different step downs in grit, and then the exterior surface is waxed.  The haze finish is standard for industrial uses as it provides a nice finish which does not show scratches.  It is not a “mirror” or glossy finish.  Please see the aluminum skin of the CS-2 Pegasus for reference of the haze polished skin.

CS-2  Mobile Support Base Upgrade

The mobile base frame option costs are $350, $450, and $80 USD.

Both the CS-2 Bare-Bones and RTA kit automatically come with a plywood base on which the wall frames are bolted.  If you wish to create your own base we will reduce the cost of either kit $60 and will provide you with instructions on how to build your own as it is easy to create.  We generally recommend that you do this as it  reduces total shipping weight by 65 pounds.  Any such savings in shipping is passed on to you.

If you wish to purchase the elevated support frame it can includes the plywood base (or not), but will include the 3″ high base support framework, and five (5) 5″ polyurethane caster wheels.  This gives the CS-2 an elevated height of ~ 10 inches.  The main advantage of the mobile base option is that it allows the CS-2 to be easily moved within any room. Likewise, if your facility has double doors that are 50″ or greater, the CS-2 can be quickly moved to other locations without need of dis-assembly.  

Cost of the wood support frame is $350 with a welded steel frame upgrade of $100 (thus $450).  both options come painted and ready for assembly.   The caster wheel pack is an additional $80 and we use high grade 360-degree rotational casters each of which have a load rating of 350lbs or more.  We offer the wheel pack separately because you can find similar wheels and have them shipped directly to you to save some costs. We typically have them shipped direct to you as well (rather than to us, then you) and in each case you must bolt them onto the elevated support frame.


Shipping costs vary depending on location and upgrade choices.

For both the Bare-Bones or RTA kits, the average shipping costs in
USA is $350 to $500 depending on your location and selected upgrade options.  Therefore shipping can be up to $700 in the USA and European shipments can be up to $1,000 USD, possibly more depending on final choices and options.  The LCD Bonnet adds extra weight as does aluminum skin or a steel base frame.  Therefore additional options will add anywhere from $100 to $200 over standard shipping costs due to the extra packaging and added weight.   The average shipping weight of a full CS-2 RTA kit with all options and accessories is 450lbs or 550lbs with the steel base frame option.

The CS-2 ships in two or three large boxes depending on purchase of the Bare-Bones kit or Completed RTA kit, LCD Bonnet, etc.  Once in hand you will only need a small socket set and screw driver (power drill/driver recommended) to complete the final assembly which will typically take two hours.

Whether you order a set of the DIY plans, Bare-Bones kit or  completed RTA kit, we offer free builder advice for all flight simulator cockpit customers via email or phone (during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time).  Please know that we are here to help if you need advice or added assistance! For further inquiry please email us at simsamurai@gmail.com