For the first time ever SimSamurai now offers a completely metal framed cockpit.   The new Phoenix is based off of our DK-1 / DK-2 concepts but is re-engineered as a fully commercial grade single seat simulator with a spacious overhead equipment bay for airliner enthusiasts.  

Many people want to have a full size airliner cockpit but due to space constraints and budgets people often option to build what is commonly called a “single seat airliner cockpit” or simply a “captains deck”.   We wanted to accommodate this segment of simulation while also offering something that is built like a tank.

Because the new DK-X Phoenix is made entirely out of welded and bolted tube steel we will not ever offer it as a DIY plan set.  It is only offered as a Bare-Bones kit and as a fully painted Ready to Assemble RTA kit.  For Bare-Bones kit customers we cut and drill all the parts for you but you would have to weld all the joints, then prep and paint the simulator.  The RTA kit comes fully painted and can be assembled in an afternoon.

The DK-X is flexible in that it can house the same panels offered with our existing DK-1/ DK-2 designs or can use two 24″ displays side by side or, as is similarly seen with the jet panel of our DK-1/DK-2 units can utilize our unique trademark style panel where the secondary display is configured in portrait mode.  This “odd but effective” set-up allows the pilot to remain seated in the middle of the cockpit while still reaping the full benefit of two full sized touchscreens.  The secondary panel is then used to display jet instrumentation such as the Autopilot/MCP, the EICAS, and also the FMS / Flight Management Computer.

Likewise, for general aviation enthusiasts, this same dual display set-up allows items such as a radio stack, GPS, weather radar, etc, to be displayed on the secondary monitor.  Regardless, we can customize any panel however you wish based on any of your pre-existing monitors, equipment requirements, etc.

Lastly, the overhead frame of the DK-X allows for any full-sized airliner instrument panel to be mounted in the bay and due to the design can be mounted on the left, center, or right of the panel.  This design feature helps to better accommodate the desires of all pilots and allows for first officer flow training where a copilot would be reaching up and leftward on the overhead panel rather than rightward via the captain’s orientation.  In this case we give you the flexibility of both options! 

As always SimSamurai strives to provide the best in flexibility and modular options to accommodate the goals of all pilots.  We hope you like the new DK-X Phoenix as much as we do!


  • Designed to fit in any room, and well suited for home, dorm, school, or office.
  • Well suited for classroom settings where several units can be networked together.
  • Ergonomic design based on real aircraft cockpit panel dimensions of airliners and GA aircraft.
  • Has ability to use up to 6 displays (1 large LCD for flight instruments and up to 5 for panoramic exterior views).
  • External view is designed for 3 to 5 displays (22″ up to 32″ via any Matrox, Eyefinity, or Nvidia multi-view systems).
  • Spacious overhead bay is designed to fit a wide variety of realistic flight simulator equipment.
  • Can house instrument panels / equipment from any other retailers as well those from SimSamurai.
  • Available panel designs for GoFlight and Saitek avionics.
  • Can house up to a 32 main display (24″to 27″ recommended)
  • Form follows function design which maximizes materials use.
  • Can be built using wire-feed and or MIG welding.
  • Easy to relocate anywhere in any home or office.
  • Can be easily assembled / disassembled.
  • Can be fully built in just two weekends.
  • Adjustable height features of main desk deck.
  • Modular and ergonomic design features.
  • Completely immersive flight sim training environment.
  • Requires floor space of ~40″ depth x 80″ width (if using 32″ displays for exterior visuals)


DK-X Bare Bones Kit           $1,500.00 USD 

DK-X Completed RTA Kit     $2,900.00 USD

Shipping in USA     $250 to 450 Location Dependant


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The DK-X cockpit is offered in two option of Bare-Bones and the complete RTA – Ready to Assemble kit.

You can learn more by visiting the SIM FLIGHT SYSTEMS page.

THE DK-X Bare Bones Kit   $ 1,500.00 USD

The Bare Bones DK-X Phoenix package takes all your cutting out of the equation. It will come to you with all material and hardware ready to assemble but will require that you weld all the joints, clean and sandblast the fabricated sections, and then paint it yourself prior to assembly.  The included DIY fabrication manual will give you the necessary steps of how to weld the kit, but you will obviously need the tools and skills to do so or will have to farm out the project to someone in your local area.  Regardless, we always extend held and support to Bare-Bones customers so that they can finish the project with professional results.

All parts of the DK-X Bare Bones or RTA kit are pre-cut on a precision machine using 2″ steel tube framing.  All brackets and bolts are provided and we pre-drill all necessary bolt holes for you.   Once assembled the robust DK-X will last a lifetime! 

To purchase the DK-X BareBone kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page.

THE DK-X Completed RTA Kit  $ 2,900.00 USD

The fully completed Ready to Assemble (RTA) kit of the SimSamurai DK-X Phoenix flight deck will come to you completely ready to assemble.  The RTA kit comes complete with all materials and hardware necessary for assembly and only requires that you have basic tools available such as a drill, a screwdriver, and a small socket set.  The DK-X RTA kit includes all screws, bolts and brackets necessary for full project assembly.  An assembly manual is provided  which will allow you to complete the flight simulator within an hour! 

All parts of the DK-X RTA kit are pre-cut on a precision metal fabrication machine using 2″ tube steel framework.  All seams are professionally welded, then cleaned and snadblasted.  The parts are then powder coated in a metallic charcoal black paint for a durable, long lasting finish.

Finally, as with all our products, we design with future upgradeability and expandability in mind.  You will be able to set up the DK-X with one or two monitors for virtual instrumentation or you can install a pre-made instrument panel from any other “pro sim” retailers such as Sim Kits, VRInsight, or Flight illusion if desired. The desktop is wide enough to accommodate any realistic “single seat” airliner type panel or can accommodate any full size general aviation panel such as a Cessna 172 panel (or larger!)

With all cockpit purchases, we offer free building and assembly advice during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time or any time via email. Please know that we are always here to help if you need any added assistance!

To purchase the DK-X RTA Kit see the PURCHASE-BUY page.


Aluminum Instrument Panel Option – ($ 360 or $ 540 USD)**

In addition to a cockpit you can also purchase a fully customized aluminum instrument panel overlay as shown or for an extra $100 we can custom design a panel to specifically fit your personal equipment needs. The instrument panel is 5mm (.125″) aircraft grade aluminum and is precision cut on a CNC water jet system.   For an additional $180 the top of the panel will come complete with a dash/glare-shield made of quality hard rubberized material which gives it a very realistic look and feel.  The aluminum panel is a great way to make your cockpit look even more professional! Standard shipping in USA is $60 to 80 depending on panel size, weight, etc.


Average shipping cost in USA for the DK-X is $250 to $450 depending on your location. Average ship weight for the DK-X is 250 lbs.  The DK-X will come in one large box regardless of purchase of the BareBones kit or completed RTA kit. Once in hand you will need a small socket set and screw driver to complete final assembly which typically takes one hour.

Whether you order a set of DIY plans, a BareBones Kit or a fully completed RTA kit, we always offer free builder advice for all flight simulator cockpit customers via email or phone (during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time).  Please know that we are available for help if you need further advice or added assistance!