DCP  – Desktop Cockpit Panel

The new DCP series from SimSamurai offers the best option for professional flight training at an affordable price.   The space saving  compact design can utilize the latest in touchscreen technology and modern plug-n-play USB style avionics for flight simulation.  We offer the DCP in many affordable packages which can include the blank panel only with mounting hardware, the panel with glare shield, and we offer the optional table support package which includes the table / desk enclosure.  Also offered separately is our patent pending height adjustable yoke support armature and a rudder pedal support box both of which are slightly angled for more comfort. 

Best of all, if purchasing the DCP panel by itself with no other accessories we will still provide you with a plan set to build the table support structure as well the optional yoke armature, both of which can easily be made with less than $100 in plywood and hardware.  Lastly, any existing home desk can be used with the DCP as long as it is set up or cut down to the proper height as detailed in specifications section below.  The DCP panel can attach to any desk with the provided attachment brackets and hardware included with any DCP panel purchase.

While a few other flight simulation vendors have made attempts at products very similar to the SimSamurai DCP they are most often made to only house their own brand of USB style gauges and unfortunately that does not allow for any customization or flexibility. Or, as is typical with many flight simulation products, they are often out of a budget range for most pilots. 

Because SimSamurai understands the needs, goals, and budgets of every flight simmer is different, we chose to offer a product, that much like our larger product lines, provides key flexibility in all areas, especially in the ability to fly multiple different aircraft whether that be general aviation or commercial.  With use of a 24″ main display as shown this allows you to fly many 2D panel sets in true to life scale as well can allow you to fly any of today’s common “3D virtual cockpits” which are a standard part of Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, and X-Plane.

The core feature of the DCP product line is that you can currently choose from our GoFlight model or the Saitek model or you can even contact us with your own customization needs.  Secondly, you can purchase all DCP components individually or we offer a full turn-key option which can come fully equipped and configured so that it is ready to fly out of the box.  It even includes a detailed user manual. Whatever your flight simulation training goals may be, we are here to help.

Lastly, SimSamurai has teamed up with Sim Innovations gauge software to bring you the latest in high fidelity professional level virtual gauges as can be seen in the model images and photos.  With your purchase of any DCP panel you will also receive unlimited downloads of individual instruments and complete virtual panel sets just as shown from the Air Manager Instrument store (free panels are for non commercial use).  You must first purchase the Sim Innovations inexpensive Air Manager software to use the panel sets but this will allow you to instantly use your DCP panel with the 24″ touchscreen we recommend.  While a touchscreen display is not mandatory, the Air Manager software is purposefully designed with touchscreens in mind to allow for conducting a flight without need or aid of a keyboard and mouse. 

As always, our goal at SimSamurai is to make flight simulation..

…as real as it gets!


#1 – The DCP panel is made of .125″ aircraft grade aluminum (not thin, stamped sheet metal which can rust over time).  Because the panel is aluminum it can also be easily drilled to add any extra desired switches in the future.  However, we also include 4 extra holes as standard for future installation of the following:

Gear switch, Flaps switch, Parking Brake switch, and Pause switch.  Also included on each DCP are two holes for future installation of aviation headphone jacks.  Therefore the DCP is future-proofed right out of the box!

#2 – The DCP has two core options to choose from meaning use of GoFlight or Saitek avionics, each of which allow for placement customization as shown in images.  We also offer similar panels with our other cockpit models and can fully customize a panel for an added $100 or add $150 more for dual pilot panels up to 64″ wide as seen with our Airliner X model.

#3 – The DCP maintains a very realistic dash height and yoke height based on the Cessna 182.  (41″ for GoFlight panel, 40″ for Saitek panel)

#4 – The DCP optional accessories will allow you to raise the yoke height and or raise the rudder pedals for personal tailoring.  If using your own existing table / desktop support the top surface should not exceed 24″ in height for the Saitek panel and 23″ for GoFlight panel.  Two support brackets require that you screw in 2 screws per side into the desktop surface. Therefore any desktop provided by you must be wood or wood composite to allow for screw installation or, consider placing / clamping a plywood deck (3/4″ minimum) on top of any existing desk surface to then attach the DCP panel brackets.

#5 – The optional DCP support table enclosure can use any additional upper LCD displays of your choice for the exterior visuals (3x 32″ shown in 3D model images). No smaller than 3x 24″ is recommended for panoramic viewing. An elevated VESA type mounting bracket is therefore required for any exterior visual displays which will sit behind the DCP. (Any type of which can be purchased from Ebay).

#6 – The DCP requires use of a 24″ 16:9 LCD display. (We recommend  the affordable Planar PXL2430MW touchscreen).  The 24″ size allows 99% of all primary panel gauges to be displayed in true 1:1 scale.  This size also allows for many common glass avionics to be displayed in near 1:1 scale such as a Garmin G1000 or any common jet cockpit EADI / EHSI displays, autopilot MCP, etc.  Therefore the DCP is very flexible with a wide variety of aircraft, not just general aviation. A touchscreen is not mandatory, only the 24″  16:9 size but a touchscreen is highly recommended.

NOTE -  The display, all avionics hardware and flight controls must be purchased separately by you unless you desire for us to offer you a comprehensive ProLine turn-key package.


DCP Panel Set                       $360.00 USD

DCP Glareshield Option           $50.00 USD 

DCP Support Table / Desk      $360.00 USD

DCP Adjustable Yoke Support   $60.00 USD

DCP Total Package (10% disc.) $750.00 USD

Shipping in USA $60 for Panel and Glareshield

Shipping in USA $80-120 for DCP, Table and Accessories

If you are having trouble viewing images please refresh your browser!

NOTE: The DCP flight training series was released on December 1st 2015.  We will be updating this page as well the entire website with more pictures and videos over the next year.  Stay Tuned!


Please see the Pricing Legend on the Purchase Page or Checkout Page for all available options and detailed pricing.  If you order all options such as the DCP panel, glareshield, accessory yoke deck, and support table, the total is currently $600 (plus shipping)

  • Panel only for $360.
  • Panel with black plastic Glareshield for added $50.
  • Support table with yoke and rudder accessories add $360 (for fully painted option)
  • Support table with yoke and rudder accessories add $260 (for unpainted bare-bones option)
  • Total RTA – Ready To Assemble package with automatic 10% bulk discount – $750.
  • Panel only purchase includes DIY specs for table building.
  • Includes a free 33 page carpentry guide you can grab HERE
  • No LCD or control hardware, USB avionics, etc is included unless part of a full turn key / Pro-Line purchase.

To purchase the DCP see the PURCHASE-BUY page.

Lead time for Delivery is 30 days or less from date of purchase. 

Standard Shipping Costs Apply ($60 in USA for DCP, or $80 to $120 for DCP, Support Table, and Accessories based on your location.)


Aside from the many DIY options, you can purchase a DCP Ready to Assemble kit which will include the DCP with Glare-shield, Support Table, and all Accessory options for $750.  This is a grouped discount of 10%. 

In addition to this we can fully equip the panel with the avionics of your choice be that of GoFlight or Saitek.   We also offer a premium kit option for avionics by Flight Illusion.  Added costs are only those of the retail prices for equipment plus a $100 installation fee.  If you additionally want to purchase a computer, the added costs are that of the computer plus an average of $250 up to $500 for software configuration and set-up.  Please contact us for full details.

The full Pro-Line RTA packages carry a base price of $750 plus cost of all avionics and flight control hardware equipment, 24″ LCD display, other visual displays if desired, computer, and the potential set-up fee.  Therefore depending on options a total Pro-Line RTA Package pricing with a computer can range from $4,500 to $6,000 (shipping included) depending on final selections of hardware and software.  

For all Pro-Line sales options please send us an email to receive more information as we prefer to tailor each cockpit to the customers exact needs, requirements, and budget. 

Whether you order a DIY panel set, or any fully featured Pro-Line option we always offer free builder and assembly advice for all  customers via email or phone (during 8am-6pm USA Pacific time).  Please know that we are here to help if you need advice or added assistance!

Please send all inquiry email to :simsamurai@gmail.com